10 Best Restaurants in Porac, Pampanga

Best restaurants in Porac Pampanga

Are you a foodie who wants to sample a variety of cuisines in Pampanga, the Philippines’ Culinary Capital, but don’t know where to start? Come to Porac and see all it has to offer! You’ll find all of the Kapampangan cuisine you’re looking for right here! They also serve cuisines from all throughout Asia! Here’s a list of the greatest and most affordable restaurants in Porac to visit!

Pap’s Buffalo Chicken

Photo from @PapsBuffaloChicken

Do you crave for sisig, chicken, pork shop, or lechon kawali served with java rice or unli rice? For as low as 70 pesos you can try it all here at Pap’s Buffalo Chicken and make your cravings satisfied!

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Address: San Fernando, Pampanga
Contact number: 09196340106

Roadside 9 – Jalung

Roadside 9
Photo from @Roadside 9

Minimalist and relaxing ambiance, ideal for memorable shots! They serve Filipino, Japanese, and other cuisines! You can also sing along with the DJ in this room! This restaurant is well-known for its delicious food and stunning décor.

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Address: Roadside 9, Jalung, Porac, Pampanga
Contact number: 0946 433 6417

Ka-pares Ni Juper

One of the well-known restaurant! Silog dinners, Pares or mami, and grilled pork and chicken for as low as 50 pesos are available, and you will surely enjoy them!

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Address: Babo sacan, Porac, Pampanga
Contact number: 09613689612 | 09757053259

Mami-hon Food house

Eat, unwind, and enjoy! Every week, they have a different band/singer! You will definitely enjoy their overloaded mami or soup. They also provide a wide range of snacks and beverages to choose from.

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Address: Cangatba, Porac, Pampanga
Contact number: 0919 824 9909

Takoyatea by Joel Cruz

88 pesos for a pair! Milktea and Takoyaki can be enjoyed together, with a range of tastes to pick from! Ramen and frappe are also available in here.

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Address: Pio, Porac Highway, Pampanga, Porac, Pampanga
Contact number: 0968 704 0192

Samgy Paradise

Samgy Paradise
Photo from @Samgy Paradise

Korean cuisine at a good price! For only 199 pesos, you can get Unlimited Samgyupsal and Unlimited Chicken Wings at the same time! It also includes unlimited drinks and side meals to satisfy your hunger.

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Address: J.CO Arcade Gen. Luna St., Babo Sacan, Porac, Pampanga
Contact number: 0999 139 9084

Ramen & Grill Station

Pio, Porac, will satisfy your Japanese culinary desires! Ramen, Maki, Donburi, Barbecue, Fruit Shakes, and Canned Drinks are all available! You will never forget this outstanding cuisine experience, which is enhanced by a comfortable environment and a completely air-conditioned restaurant.

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Address: Purok 1 Pio 2008 Porac, Pampanga
Contact number: 0968 887 9139

Leaf-Farm Restaurant

Looking for a place to hold your events and birthday parties that serves Kapampangan cuisine like Sinigang, lechon kawali, bulalo, pancit, and other dishes? This restaurant is ideal for you! It offers a private pool as well as a function hall for those special occasions! It also offers the best of nature with its amazing trees and cottages.

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Address: Purok 7, Porac, Pampanga
Contact number: 0949 997 3103

D’tea Cakes

D' Teacakes
Photo from @D’ Teacakes

Indulge yourself with some sweetness and refreshment! This resto will absolutely take your bitterness away. As they serve you variety flavors of milkteas that you’ll surely love! They also serve pizzas, cakes, and other appetizers!

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Address: Blk. 19 Lot 13 Model Community,Porac, Pampanga
Contact number: 0908 227 2407

Ej Inasal

EJ Inasal
Photo from @EJ Inasal

Do you love chicken? For only 130 pesos, try Ej Inasal Unlimited Rice and Drink! Chicken also comes in different flavors. Beef tapa, Chix Katsu, Longganisa, Pork BBQ, Sisig, and boneless Bangus are all available.

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Address: Block 6 lot 75 Model Community Tokwing Porac Pampanga
Contact number: 0965 965 4368

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