10 Best Bicol Delicacies in Camarines Norte, Kakan Kita!

10 Best Bicol Delicacies in Camarines Norte, Kakan Kita!

An itinerary will never be completed without food hopping. Read this before heading to the gateway to Bicolandia: Camarines Norte.

Local foods or delicacies are the most common way for the host community to connect with their tourists. So if you want to know more about CamNorteños, get along with them through their magical cuisine.

10 Best Delicacies in Camarines Norte, Kakan Kita!

Pili Nut is one of the main products of Camarines Norte. There are many delicacies in the province which can’t be made without Pili as fundamental ingredient, here are some to name a few:

Pilinut Candy

Hearty's "special" PILI NUTS
Photo from @Hearty’s “special” PILI NUTS

Pilinit candy is this crunchy candy that satisfies taste buds perfectly. It can be made in 3 various flavors: sugar-coated or sweet glazed and sprinkled with salt and hot and spicy. Any of those is worth the try.


Photo from @RPM PILInuts

Pilitart is a crisp and creamy combo just for you! This famous delicacy comes in flower-like and boat-shaped thin crust filled with sweet filling and pili garnish.

Pili Jam

Bicol’s Taste
Photo from @Bicol’s Taste

Pili Jam or locally known as Santanis cooked with sangkaka- a sugarcane juice simmered to sticky and set in a coconut shell until cold. Melted sangkaka in coconut milk plays the sweet flavor while whole pili nuts give the color contrast and additional taste when blended to the consistent texture of the jam.

Pili Roll

Jannah's Pasalubong
Photo from @Jannah’s Pasalubong

Tired of usual rolls in the market? Try something delightful in the province! Pil bread roll is usually made with freshly baked bread with a spread of pili flavored filling, rolled up and mixed up with crushed pili nut to add crunch to every bite.


Jannah's Pasalubong
Photo from @Jannah’s Pasalubong

Pamdecillos is a famous and original delicacy of Vinzons, Camarines Norte. Its name is derived from the word pan which means bread. This is a kneaded dough baked with an evenly spread sweet blend of pili and condensed milk filling cut into tiny bite-sized pieces.


Jannah's Pasalubong
Photo from @Jannah’s Pasalubong

Kinakaw is a ring-like golden brown pastry product made of flour and batter fried in low heat to bring off a crackly sound. It is incorporated with caramelized sugar until entirely coated. It will give you a melting moment on the tongue while enjoying its natural goodness.


Photo from @Marivic Delicacies

A rice ball made of glutinous rice filled with crushed roasted peanuts well mixed with condensed milk. After balling the rice to completely seal the fillings, it will be lined by a small square cut banana leaf to avoid sticking to the steamer and can easily be packed together in clear plastic packaging.


Family Cuisine
Photo from @Family Cuisine

Binamban is pure native from its ingredients to its presentation. This grated cassava is filled with bukayo or coconut strips sweetened in caramelized brown sugar made from sugarcane. Unang kalog or Inot na kalog as locally said is the best coconut to use in making bukayo for this kakanin. It is wrapped in banana leaves forming a rectangular shape before steaming. It has a great chemistry with kape during snack time or merindalan.

Queench Pineapple Juice

Photo from @Queench

The Queench Pineapple Juice is an OTOP or One Town One Product of the municipality of Labo. A commercially packed pineapple juice locally manufactured in the province of Camarines Norte from the famous formosaa small but sweet variety of pineapple. It’s available in bottles and in tetra packs, best to consume when refrigerated.


Samu't sari
Photo from @Samu’t sari

A fruit for a dish? That’s incredible. This Bicolano dish turns a santol or cotton fruit into a yummy rice partner. During its season, CamNorteños grate and preserve them for an adequate supply in the whole year. This is cooked in coconut milk added with optional meat, shrimp paste, and even sardines in a can. Ideal for a shrimp or fish on top.


Bicol's Best
Photo from @Bicol’s Best

Also known as tinumok, Pinangat is a combination of chopped shrimp and coconut meat wrapped in Taro leaves creating a rectangular or square shape finished, soaked in coconut milk, and simmered until cooked. This is one of the cheapest local dishes which can be sold for as low as 12-15 pesos in the neighborhood.


Pares King
Photo from @Pares King

Widely known not just in Camarines Norte but all over the region. Shredded “Natong” or taro leaf is the primary ingredient cooked in thick coconut milk with meat or seafood. This is one of the famous Bicolano dishes which never goes wrong in all seasons.

Bicol Express

Pares King
Photo from @Pares King

This mouthwatering dish is an all-time favorite in Bicol Cuisine. Prepare a bunch of rice before the battle begins. The fatty meat fits best to the salty shrimp paste spiced with siling labuyo typically grown in the backyard of most Bicolanos, cooked all together in creamy coconut milk. Spicy? No problem, Bicolanos are oragons!

Have you found your favorite? Write down your list to avoid missing these delicious foods only available in Camarines Norte and Bicol. To easily find them, visit Daet downtown, enjoy unlimited choices, and finally bring home the best-loved delicacies of all time!

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