Best Cebu Riding Destinations

Best Cebu Riding Destinations

The freeing feeling of the wind as it brushes on the face, the calmness of the soul as the rider chases the horizon, and the thrill that comes whenever the bike leans at every corner; these are some of the reasons why someone rides a two-wheeled engineering marvel that is the motorcycle. Motorcycle riding lets you enjoy the trip more than the destination. Fortunately for our tourist riders, there are spots that make Cebu a haven for riding enthusiasts.

Cebu Transcentral Highway

Cebu Transcentral Highway
Photo from fb/Mr. Hwan Digital Media Services

First on the list, Cebu Transcentral Highway. This highway is right at the center of Cebu island. The successive winding roads this highway possess invites challenge among riders. But that is not the only reason why it’s a household name for every Cebuano gearhead you meet.

The highway does not only have instagrammable landscapes. There are also cafes, hangout spots, and bistros adjacent to the road. And if you want to have a good-looking photo of your riding session, some spots are filled with roadside photographers to take amazing photos of you and your pocket rocket.

Central Nautical Highway (Sogod to San Remegio)

Central Nautical Highway (Sogod to San Remegio)
Photo from fb/The Island Nomad

When traveling northbound, be sure to pass the Central Nautical Highway from Sogod all the way to San Remegio. Canyon chasers will be thrilled to see mountaintops while they ride to the horizon.

You also don’t have to travel to Luzon to experience Batanes, because as you pass Tabogon, you can pay a visit to its very own Little Batanes, famed for the landscape that bears similarity to its Luzon counterpart.

Aisle of Medellin

Aisle of Medellin
Photo from fb/Municipality of Medellin Cebu

This 4-lane 7.5 km highway is perfect for those casual riders that only want to have a ‘chill ride.’ The absence of curves diminishes the need for cornering strategies, thus leaving your mind to relax while traversing between sugarcane fields that cover both sides of the highway. It’s only a 2-hour ride from the city, so hop on your moped and chase that sunset you’ve always wanted.

Dalaguete-Mantalongon Badian Road

Badian Road
Photo from fb/Lumad Cebuano

Down south, Dalaguete-Mantalongon Badian Road serves as an access road for those who wanted to enjoy the beaches of Badian after having an adventurous trek to the famous peaks of Dalaguete.

The terrain is a combination of sharp bends and corners and long straights. Perfect for those who want to practice their cornering techniques. But the challenge of the road is well-compensated by the beautiful landscapes that the terrain holds.

The thrill of the ride transcends time. Whether it’s your first time gripping those handlebars, or you’re taking your 100th kilometer road trip with your beloved bike. It’s always the same feeling as the first time that you rest your feet on those metal footpegs.  Past and future don’t matter, it’s the now. It’s the current moment while you’re chasing the sunset, in pursuit of something that’s more than life.

But that doesn’t mean we have to disregard the traffic rules and safety; be a defensive rider, respect and share the road, always yield to pedestrians, and most importantly, ride safely.

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