Tila Pilon Hills Café | DRT, Bulacan

DRT is one of the top tourist spots in Bulacan, becoming increasingly popular during the pandemic. Hundreds of vloggers have featured it in their vlogs, and if you’re a nature lover, this is a must-visit destination.

We hesitated to visit initially because we’re not fans of off-road terrains and muddy paths. However, now that it’s summer, we’ve finally gathered the courage to explore the area.

Since we tend to wake up late, and we’re traveling from Pampanga (with a journey of around 3 hours) we don’t have time to fully explore the area. Therefore, our plan is to first check the road conditions leading here and simply enjoy a meal at Tila Pilon Hills Café,  located near the famous Chocolate Hills of Bulacan.

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Besides the usual traffic and the notorious rough roads of Bulacan, we didn’t encounter any other challenges on the way to the café. By 3 PM, we made it to the café, with stomachs growling since this would be our first meal of the day

To enter the café, a ₱20 entrance fee is required, but this doesn’t cover the additional fee for hiking the hills. If you choose to trek, there’s an extra charge of ₱50 pesos per person, plus ₱300 pesos per guide for up to five people.

From the entrance, the hill is visible. The walk appears relatively straightforward and according to the guide, will typically take just 30 to 40 minutes.

But since we arrived late in the afternoon and we’re not prepared, we decided to go straight to the café instead.

Since it was a weekday, there was only one car parked in the lot. Although it appeared spacious, it’s likely to fill up on weekends.


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You will pass by the café, if you decide to hike the hills. There’s a sign inviting visitors to let go of their worries and shout them out to the hills.

Stepping inside, guests are enveloped in the charm of traditional Filipino architecture, with wooden furnishings and rustic decor creating an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity.

Tila Pilon Hills Cafe 3

The café features a second floor where guests can sit and relax on the floor “Indian” style. And lounging here will provide you with a better view of Tila Pilon Hills.

Their menu offers breakfast, sandwiches, and special dishes such as Crispy Pata and plant-based meals. We tried the lechon kawali and pork sinigang served in a traditional pot, adding to the authentic experience.

Tila Pilon Hills Café Food Review

Since it’s late in the afternoon, we didn’t have a chance to try their coffee, but we’ll definitely give it a shot next time.

On our visit, which happened to be a weekday, some items on their menu were unavailable.

  • Sinigang: The meat was cut into large pieces, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. However, there were plenty of vegetables, and I appreciated the spicy kick. I found it quite challenging to eat the sinigang served in a rattan plate with parchment paper. The paper dissolved in the soup, making it messy.
  • Lechon Kawali: My partner enjoyed this dish.

After your meal, you can visit the cafe’s sticker wall to affix your sticker and join the community of riders and motovloggers who have explored this gem.

Overall, our visit to the Tila Pilon Hills Café was still enjoyable. The cafe’s al fresco setting is something we appreciate, especially with plenty of trees providing shade and the wooden interior keeping the place pleasantly cool. With only one other couple there, we practically had the whole café to ourselves. The peaceful and serene surroundings will make you want to linger here longer.

We’re looking forward to hiking the hills on our next trip and sampling more items from their menu. This way, I can provide additional food reviews for this blog.

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