10 Sultan Kudarat Tourist Spots

10 Sultan Kudarat Tourist Spots

Located in the southwestern section of central Mindanao is a province normally typhoon-free throughout the year, the province of Sultan Kudarat. You will lavish your stay in the place because of the excellent weather and mesmerizing sights. Expect these tourist spots to gaze upon:

Top 10 Sultan Kudarat Tourist Spots

Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol

Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat
Photo from @Senator Ninoy Aquino, Sultan Kudarat

Like India’s Taj Mahal is the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol. Glorious as its golden-domed structure and delicate chandeliers are inside the building. You should never forget to visit and take picture-perfect images of its glamourous chairs and interior design.

Panigan Underground River

Panigan Underground River

Behold this overwhelming Panigan Underground River as one of the best Sultan Kudarat tourist spots. What’s more exciting is that no one has ever got the inside the underground river. The awe-inspiring waterfalls coming from the mouth of its cave and the stalactites will welcome you! Just be ready to trek in the forests to arrive there.

Balot Island/Balet Island

Sandayan Beach Club, Balot Island, KSK
Photo from @Sandayan Beach Club, Balot Island, KSK

Immerse into the isolated island found in the province, the white-powdered sand of Balot Island/Balet Island. The turquoise beach of the island is yet to be experienced as it still needs to be known to the country. It is well preserved and secluded, matching your thirst for an intimate getaway!

Tenobac Cave

Tenobac Cave

Parallel to the very famous underground river in Puerto Princesa is the Tenobac Cave of Sultan Kudarat. It is a 7-kilometer cave system where you will appreciate innumerable stalactite and stalagmite formations. A beauty of nature you must not miss!

Baras Bird Sanctuary

Baras Bird Sanctuary-Tacurong City
Photo from @Baras Bird Sanctuary-Tacurong City

Want to see an incredible bird sanctuary? Then, you have to be at the two hectares of Baras Bird Sanctuary! The place is a nature park for 20,000 migratory birds. It started with four birds, but the sanctuary definitely gives wellness to different other species of birds, so the number multiplies.

Lom Cave

Lom Cave

Another impressive cave located in the province is Lom Cave. The cave’s pride is the rock formations of both stalactites and stalagmites. A true blood caver will genuinely love it. The cave is 400 meters long, and you can dive and swim in its rivers!

Marawir Peak

Marawir Peak
Photo from @Marawir Peak

For mountain-lovers, you can hike on this famous mountain, the Marawir Peak. It is 2,654 feet above sea level and will give you the tranquility of nature once you reach the peak. The panoramic view of green mountains, forests, and rivers awaits you on the top, so never forget your camera!

Lebak Katunggan Eco-Park

Lebak Katunggan Coastal Eco Park
Photo from @Lebak Katunggan Coastal Eco Park

Lebak Katunggan Eco-Park is 320 hectares of mangrove forest you can explore in the vicinity of Lebak, Sultan Kudarat. Featuring 26 mangrove species and a vast number of marine animals. Suitable for a boat ride to give you a similar environment on the Amazon River. You will surely not regret it!

Tres Andanas Falls

Tres Andanas from Department of Tourism-Philippines
Photo from @Department of Tourism-Philippines

Another falls you will fall in love with is Tres-Andanas Falls. From its name itself, the Tres-Andanas Falls comprises three layers of exceptional falls tempting you for a swim. You can hold a picnic and other fun activities as the place give you a great view of the forest, cliffs, and the falls!

Gregory Cave

Gregory Cave

Up for another cave challenge? Gregory Cave showcases awestruck limestone formations you will remember. You can only get inside by crawling, and you will surely get muddy, but it is all worth it. Many wonders await you, such as stalactites, draperies, and flowstone!

Sultan Kudarat is a haven of caves, falls, and eco-parks. You are invited to come and see for yourselves. Enjoy and take delight with them!

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