Star City Ticket Price 2022: Star City Rides & Guide

Star City 2022

Got an adventurous soul hiding behind your stressed, workaholic self?

It’s time to unleash that side of yours because Star City, one of the country’s most visited amusement parks, is finally reopening its doors to beloved guests this 2022!

Star City is located in Pasay, Metro Manila, just next to the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Philippine International Convention Center.

It first opened to the public in 1991 but had to temporarily close in 2019, when a fire set the theme park complex ablaze. Guests can enjoy over 30 rides and attractions including a laser tag area, paintball, mini-golf course, and Snow World, which allows us average Filipinos to experience a cold, winter adventure.

Now, after more than two years of having their doors closed, Star City has finally made an announcement that they will be opening once again to the public.

Star City will be open starting this February 24 from 12NN to 8PM. 

For those who missed Star City, here are the general guidelines if you want to visit the park this month!

In compliance with IATF guidelines under Alert Level 2, the following shall be implemented effective February 24, 2022:

  • Adult guests (18 years and above) have to be fully vaccinated. They have to show their vaccination cards at the gate before entry.
  • Those below 18 years old may enter even if unvaccinated.
  • Wear your face mask properly when you visit the park.
  • We will be operating at a maximum of 50% indoor venue capacity and 70% outdoor venue capacity.
  • Our website shall provide timely updates on the Park’s capacity to accept more guests.
  • Please check the Park Regulations tab on our website for more details.

*Subject to change based on updated IATF Guidelines.

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Star City Rides and Attractions

Star City Rides and Attractions

One cannot go to a theme park without trying the best rides available! While there are more than 30 rides and attractions in the park, here are some of our favorite ones:

If you’re visiting with a kid:

Magic Forest

Magic Forest is an indoor ride, which features realistic statues of magical creatures and paintings that depict an enchanted forest. Inside the ride, colorful lights and animatronics are also found, which will surely leave your kids ooh-ing and ahh-ing at every turn.

Unfortunately, the Magic Forest is not available anymore. If you’re visiting with toddlers, they might enjoy the new Kid’s Playland instead.

Star City 2022 Kids Playland


Star City 2022 Grand Carousel 2

Star City’s Grand Carousel is a must-ride for guests with kids! A visit to an amusement park is incomplete if you did not ride the park’s grand carousel! It’s got multiple rideable horses and carriages, paired with lights and music that will make every ride a magical experience.

Wacky Worm

Star City 2022 Wacky Worm

Wacky Worm is one of the theme park’s four rollercoasters. It’s located inside the complex and features a two-story-high ride. No need to worry about your kids, though! This ride’s tracks only have a few twists and turns and a slight incline and slides.

Dragon Express

Dragon Express is a two-story-high indoor rollercoaster that lets kids experience what it feels like to ride on the back of a dragon! This rollercoaster moves a lot slower compared to the classic large ones, so you won’t have to worry about your kids being terrified.

Just like the Magic Forest, is not available this year. You may like to try the Kiddie Wheel Mini Ferris Wheel or the KD Bumper Cars instead.

Star City 2022 Kiddie Wheel
Kiddie Wheel Mini Ferris Wheel
Star City 2022 KID Bumber Cars
KD Bumper Cars

Pirate Adventure

Star City 2022 Mini Pirate Ship

Pirate Adventure is a ride for older kids. Just like Magic Forest, it’s an indoor ride that features realistic statues and life-sized dioramas. Fair warning, though! This ride depicts gruesome scenes that may not be suitable for very young audiences.

Snow World

Star City 2022 - Snow World Manila

If you haven’t gone to Snow World, you haven’t gone to Star City. It is one of the best attractions inside the park and will be the most memorable one for kids.

This year, a lot of park-goers are disappointed with the new exorbitant fees.  You need to rent gloves, ear muffs, and bonnets to be able to enjoy the sliding activity, which is one of the reasons why some adults buy extra SW tickets.  Further, same as the previous years, phones and cameras are not allowed inside and you’ll need to pay 200 per photo.

Requirements for Sliding Activity

  • Gloves + Ear Muffs (Php 150)
  • Gloves + Bonet (Php 150)
  • Ear Muffs + Bonet (Php 150)
  • Gloves + Ear Muffs + Bonet (250)


  • Professional Photographer (Php 200 per picture)
  • Hot Choco (Php 50)
  • Coffee with Hot Choco (Php 40)
  • Coffee (Php 30)
If you’re visiting with your friends:

Gabi ng Lagim


Gabi ng Lagim is not available anymore and has been replaced with Scream Avenue 4D. Gabi ng Lagim used to be a cold, dark cemetery attraction filled with tombstones, gory corpses, terrifying jump scares, and the classic, eerie background music. Now, the Scream Avenue lets you experience horror through 4D lenses!

Star Flyer

Star City 2022 - Star Flyer

Star Flyer is the amusement park’s flagship rollercoaster. It’s almost three to four stories high and features multiple twists, turns, and loops, that will leave you screaming at the top of your lungs. It’s also an inverted ride–meaning that your legs are dangled as you zoom through the air.

Jungle Splash

Star City 2022 Jungle SPlash

Jungle Splash is perfect for when you’re starting to feel a little hot. It features a water-filled track and two large slides, one taller than the other. If you’re planning to ride this one, make sure to pack extra clothes and plastic covers for your electronics.

Sea Horse Viking

Star City 2022 Sea Horse Vikings

Viking is a classic theme park ride, but for some reason, it was more terrifying in Star City. This year, they’ve changed it to Sea  Horse Viking, a smaller version of the original Viking. This ride swings guests back and forth, slowly at first, then intensifies as the ride goes on. If you’re a little queasy, take our advice and take a seat in the middle of the ride, but if you’re feeling a little brave, go ahead and take a seat at the farthest seat (fair warning though, we got real dizzy after the ride)!

Star Frisbee

Star City 2022 Star Frisbee Laquatsa

Star Frisbee is not for the fainthearted. Think of it as if you’re riding the Star Flyer and Vikings at once. Your feet are dangled in the air as they swing you back and forth. Oh, and what makes it more extreme is that the ride is spinning as well!

Star Eye

Star Eye is one of the tallest Ferris wheel rides in the Philippines, sitting at 62.5 meters high. It also features 32 air-conditioned gondolas, which can fit up to six people. What makes this ride even more breathtaking is the amazing view of Metro Manila and Manila Bay at the top of this ride.

Other Rides and Height Limit/Requirements

Kiddie Ride

Star City 2022 Quack QUack

Note: For Kids Only

  • Frosty Train (34 to 42 in. only)
  • Kiddie Wheel (34 to 42 in. only)
  • Quack Quack (34 to 42 in. only)
  • Kids Playland (34 to 42 in. only)
  • Kiddie Bumper Cars (42 to 48 in. only)
  • Mini Pirate Ship (42 to 48 in. only)

Family Rides and Attractions

Star City 2022 Family Rides

Note: RMP – Responsible Mature Person

  • Grand Carousel (30 to 42 in with RMP)
  • Antique Cars (30 to 42 in with RMP)
  • Central Park Carousel (30 to 42 in with RMP)
  • Mini Rocking Tug (34 to 42 in with RMP)
  • Wacky Worm (34 to 42 in with RMP)
  • Giant Star Wheel (34 to 48 in with RMP)
  • Fun Swing (36 to 70 in only)
  • Lolly Swing (36 to 42 in with RMP)
  • Super Telecombat (36 to 48 in with RMP)
  • Egyptian Spinning Coaster (42 in above)

Older Kid, Teen, Adult and Extreme Rides

Star City 2022 Adult Rides

  • Bumper Cars Smash (48 in and above)
  • Jumping Star (48 in and above)
  • Music Express (48 in and above)
  • Seahorse Viking (48 in and above)
  • Surf Dance (48 in and above)
  • Tornado (48 in and above)
  • Jungle Splash (48 in and above)
  • Star Flyer (48 in and above)
  • Star Frisbee (48 in and above)


  • Scream Avenue 4D (42 in and above)
  • Snow World (34 to 48 inches with RMP)

Star City Ticket Price 2022

Star City Ticket Price 2022

As of 2019, the admission fee to the park is Php 80.00. If you’re planning to exhaust all the rides, however, it is better to avail of the Ride-All-You-Can promo, which is priced at Php 400.00. You can also add a certain amount if you want to enjoy other attractions:

  1. Snow World – add Php 160.00 to the Ride-All-You-Can promo
  2. Unlimited Mini-Golf at the Adventure Zone – add Php 30.00 to the Ride-All-You-Can promo
  3. Lazer Blaster – add Php 60.00 to the Ride-All-You-Can promo
  4. Art Alive Museum – add Php 60.00 to the Ride-All-You-Can promo

Prices are, of course, subject to change without prior notice.

Star City Opening Hours

Star City is open 12noon to 8pm. They are operating at a maximum of 50% indoor venue capacity and 70% outdoor venue capacity so buy your tickets online and come early.

How to Get to Star City

Through public transportation
  1. You can get to Star City from any point as long as you know how to get to LRT1 Vito Cruz Station. From there, you can ride an orange jeepney to CCP/PICC. The theme park is within walking distance from where you will be alighted.
  2. If you’re around Taguig, you can ride a jeepney to Pasay PICC from Market! Market!
Through private transportation

If you’re traveling in your private vehicle, you can get to Star City with the help of GPS applications. Just make sure to be ready for a minimal parking fee in the park.

Still got free time? You can also visit:

Cultural Center of the Philippines.

CCP is home to the country’s world-class performing arts groups and breathtaking art exhibits. Depending on when you’re visiting, the Cultural Center might be open for exhibits or if you’re lucky, they might have a performance showing there.

Roxas Boulevard

Roxas Boulevard runs along the shores of Manila Bay and it is the cheapest way to enjoy the Manila sunset! You might also want to visit the famous Dolomite Beach in the area!

Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia is one of the largest shopping malls in the country. If you want to do a little shopping and restaurant hopping before you step inside Star City, this mall is the best place to do so.

Tips and reminders before you visit:

Star City 2022 Rides and Guides

Go on a weekday and avoid holidays.

Amusement parks, like Star City, tend to be crowded during the weekends and holidays. If your schedule permits you to visit on a weekday, take advantage of it! A crowd-free day will let you enjoy more rides and less queuing lines.

Wear comfortably.

This one goes without saying! Wear a shirt, comfortable pants or shorts, and sneakers. It would also do you good if you pack an extra set of clothes and shoes, if possible.

Eat before you go inside.

Not only will it give you that extra bit of energy, it will also help you save money, as food stalls inside are more expensive than the ones outside. There are a few fast-food joints outside the park and in the CCP Complex as well.

Strategize your visit.

Plan what rides and attractions you will visit first! This way, you save time from walking around and thinking where you should head next. Here’s what our itinerary usually looks like:

    • Indoor attractions first, mostly because it is hot outside, and;
    • Extreme rides at night. The rides look so much better with the lights on, and most people would have gone home by then.

In summary…

Theme parks are for everyone, but Star City makes sure that your whole family will enjoy your visit! They’ve got loads of family-friendly attractions that will make for the perfect family bonding. So, give your friends and families a heads up and drive to Star City when it finally reopens its doors! Don’t forget to check their Facebook page, Star City Official, for more updates.

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