10 South Cotabato Tourist Spots

10 South Cotabato Tourist Spots

South Cotabato is recognized as the “Land of the Dreamweavers” because the land is the home of the renowned tribe of T’boli. T’bolis weave artistic clothes and believe in patterning them on their dreams. Likewise, South Cotabato is a weave of natural resources like lakes, plantations, waterfalls, and rich tradition. Save these tourist spots for your references!

Top 10 South Cotabato Tourist Spots

Surallah Tri-People Monument

Surallah Tri-People Monument

Designed and sculpted by a Mindanaoan artist named Kublai Ponce Millan is the Surallah Tri-People Monument. You can witness one of the cultural tourist spots the province is proud of. The 60 feet-high monument displays unity despite the diversity of tribes of Christian, Muslim, and T’boli. It is a well-known Tboli string instrument, “Hegalong.”

Mt Matutum

Mt. Matutum Adventure
Photo from @Mt. Matutum Adventure

A dormant volcano in the province is Mt Matutum. It is 2293 meters above sea level and is considered one of the best mountains to climb in the place. You will encounter rare flora and fauna species along with hiking. You will value the sight because indigenous people have preserved this mountain!

Hidak Falls

Photo from @HIDAK FALLS

Hidak Falls is one of the majestic falls you will meet in South Cotabato. Composed of multi-layered falls with the recorded highest height of 40 meters is this Hidak Falls, which entice you for a refreshing swim. Nested in the forest of T’boli town where numerous species of flowers and plants can be beheld!

Tupi Tarsier Sanctuary

Tupi Tarsier Sanctuary from South Cotabato II Electric Cooperative, Inc
Photo from @South Cotabato II Electric Cooperative, Inc

You can still gaze at Tarsiers even if you’re in South Cotabato. This endangered species can be found in Tupi Tarsier Sanctuary. Located just at the foot of Mount Matutum and is well-regulated by local authorities. You and your family will be amazed at them!

Lake Holon

Lake Holon from SOX TV
Photo from @SOX TV

An adventure is waiting on you in the breathtaking Lake Holon. Native tribes live in the land and preserve this gorgeous lake. It is nestled in a dead volcano Mt. Melibengoy. You will have to hike and trek but staying overnight in a tent is ideal for savoring the place!

Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu from Visit SOX
Photo from @Visit SOX

An eco-tourism spot is Lake Sebu. It is one of the Philippines’ most essential watersheds in southern Mindanao. You can find a variety of restaurants and tourist spots along the lake as the lake offers peace and calmness over the stress in the city.

Bakngeb River Cave

Bakngeb River Cave from Visit SOX
Photo from Visit SOX

Bakngeb River Cave is a subterranean river with large pools and clear water. It is one of the newly discovered tourist attractions in South Cotabato. Beautiful limestone rock formations, similar to those found in the Puerto Princesa Underground River, may be located inside.

South Cotabato Community Museum

South Cotabato Community Museum
Photo from @Provincial Government of South Cotabato

South Cotabato Community Museum shows the astonishing culture and history of the province. The museum has almost 1000 collections of various historical and cultural artifacts and metal wares, including technological materials from the early 1900s. Even a stone carving of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, the Philippine national hero, can be found there.

Siok Falls

Siok falls and park producer cooperative
Photo from @Siok falls and park producer cooperative

Experience adventure at its finest going to Siok Falls. It has multiple layers, all of which can be seen in one visit. Because of its proximity to Koronadal City, many local adventurers flock here. It truly is a rural haven away from the stresses of everyday life.

Taal Falls

Taal Falls
Photo From @SouthCotabatoNews

Taal Falls, which cascades like a giant bridal veil, is one of the province’s highest cascades. Standing more than 200 feet tall among the forest and producing mists that will feel like raindrops falling from heaven. Because it is a shallow pool, you can stand on the bottom and get a relaxing massage from the falling waters.

Indeed, South Cotabato is a weave of nature’s best. So, don’t waste more time, come and have some fun!

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