10 Must-Try Seafood Restaurants in Bulacan


The best thing about living in an archipelagic country is the beach—and of course, the fresh catch. Seafood is an essential part of our cuisine and no one cooks seafood better than the locals! We’ve got adobong pusit, sinigang na salmon belly, and rellenong bangus among others to take pride in! Now that we’ve got you craving by mentioning these dishes, get your allergy medications ready, and let us share with you the Top 10 Seafood Restaurants in Bulacan.


10 Must-Try Seafood Restaurants in Bulacan

Dalampasigan Seafood Restaurant

An extra cup of rice isn’t the only thing you’ll be asking for in this restaurant. You’ll probably order a whole new platter! Dalampasigan is famous for its boiling seafood and signature sauce—their loyal customers swear by it! 

Photo from @DalampasiganSeafoodRestaurant

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Contact No: 0977 741 2683
Address: Calumpit, Bulacan

Ningnangan Fresh Seafood Restaurant

If you find yourself on the road to Bulacan, make sure to stop over at Ningnangan Fresh Seafood Restaurant! This barrio-styled place works in a paluto style operation to ensure that all your dishes are cooked fresh! If you’re with someone who’s not into seafood, they also serve non-seafood dishes.

Photo from @NingnanganFreshSeafoodRestaurant

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Address: Guiguinto, Bulacan

Gasyanna’s Seafood HUB

Are you up for fried squid? How about a traditional rellenong bangus? What about ginataang tilapia? No need to comb through different places because they’re all found in Gasyanna’s Seafood Hub! They have branches all around Luzon, so better believe that their flavors are something worth coming back for! 

Photo from @Gasyanna’sSeafoodHUB

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Contact No: 0917 122 0267
Address: Malolos, Bulacan

Captain Cajun, Seafood Shack

The whole family will undoubtedly enjoy this seafood shack! Fresh seafood combined with a chic, loft-inspired interior are the variables for a sublime restaurant experience.
MUST TRY: Captain Cajun Seafood Shack’s Flying Squid

Photo from @CaptainCajunSeafoodShack

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Contact No: 0917 576 6556
Address: Bulihan, Bulacan

Creekside Seafood Restaurant

What sets this seafood restaurant apart from the others is the grill-it-yourself experience! They also have other meals if you’re not up to the smoke and char.  You also wouldn’t want to miss their occasional acoustic nights! 

Photo from @CreeksideSeafoodRestaurant

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Contact No: 0956 809 3395
Address: Malolos, Bulacan


Crabalicious’ mixed seafood platter is the perfect addition to your special day. You’d want to scrap the pasta and cake for their generous servings and mouthwatering sauce. 

Photo from @Crabalicious

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Contact No: 0923 268 5418
Address: Malolos, Bulacan

Dampa Express

The famous Dampa Express in Tagaytay is now in Bulacan! They have a hot reputation for serving the best seafood bilaos out there. They serve all your favorite seafood dishes—from chili crabs to lobsters, tuna, and squid. 

Photo from @DampaExpress

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Contact No: 0915 686 5037
Address: Guiguinto, Bulacan

The Orange Bucket

Would you believe us when we say that it would only take you an hour’s drive to taste the famous boiling crab in the US? This Cajun-inspired restaurant is all about it! (And yes, they do serve seafood in an orange bucket). They also serve Korean and Singaporean cuisine for your adventurous palate. 

Photo from @TheOrangeBucket

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Contact No: 0939 927 9448
Address: Plaridel, Bulacan

Roadside Dampa

Roadside Dampa has always been a part of family celebrations, and for a good reason—their meals are hearty and rich in flavor, not to mention that the seafood they serve is always fresh. Get your allergy medicine ready because their Sulit-Sugpo Platter is a must-try! 

Photo from @RoadsideDampa

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Contact No: (044) 307 2070
Address: San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

Engilbert’s Seafoods & Unli Wings

If you’re in the mood for seafood and something else, this restaurant is the place to go! Known as the one-stop restaurant in Calumpit, Bulacan, this place serves seafood, silog meals, hearty bulalo and pares dishes, and even unlimited chicken wings!

Photo from @Engilbert’sSeafoods

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Contact No: 0956 056 1949
Address: Calumpit, Bulacan

Whether you’re a Bulacan folk or just stopping by the province, make sure to add these seafood places to your bucket lists!

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