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Samgyeopsal or grilled pork belly is a type of cuisine originating from Korean culture. This dish has been gaining popularity in the Philippines now as lots of samgyeopsal stores are opening in the country. Meanwhile, some prefer to prepare this dish at home using multifunctional electric grillers that are readily available in many online stores.

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Check out this list of awesome Samgyup grillers with very good deals so that you can enjoy Samgyup Sa Bahay!

Imarflex Health Grill/Electric Griller

Imarflex Health Grill Electric Griller

Experience the ultimate grilling versatility with the Imarflex Health Grill/Electric Griller Multi-purpose Griller! Roast, stir-fry, saute’, BBQ, steam, cook pizza, and use as a buffet server with ease. Its non-toxic, non-stick ceramic plate and removable grill plate make cleaning up a breeze. With variable temperature control and 1300 watts of power, this high-quality griller will bring your meals to the next level.


Hanabishi Electric Griller HGRILL50 Non-stick

Hanabishi Electric Griller HGRILL50 Non-stick 

Grill like a pro with Hanabishi Long Electric Griller – the most durable and reliable griller in town! With its removable oil drip tray and power supply, variable heat control, and non-stick surface, cooking your favorite dishes has never been easier. Plus, with a 1-year warranty on electric parts, you can trust that Hanabishi will always have your back.


Toha Multi-purpose Electric Grill

Toha Multi-purpose Electric Grill

Get grilling with Toha Multi-purpose Electric Grill! With its premium design, compact and portable 2-level feature, you can enjoy cooking anywhere you want. Its three-level temperature control and reversible stamped cooking plate will provide you with a variety of cooking options.

Plus, its pull-out kabob drawer with handles and all-in-one skewer barbecue feature make grilling more convenient and enjoyable. Cook your favorite meals hassle-free with the food-grade non-stick coating cooking plate


Samgyupsal Griller with Hanaro Non-stick Griller Plate

Samgyupsal Griller with Hanaro Non-stick Griller Plate

Grill on-the-go like a pro with this Samgyupsal Portable Butane Stove and Hanaro Non-stick Griller Plate. Perfect for your KBBQ cravings anytime, anywhere!

Set includes:

  • 1 Hanaro Non-stick grill pan with Oil drip (32cm)
  • 1 Portable Butane Stove


Toha Samgyup Griller with Hot Pot

Toha Samgyup Griller with Shabu shabu hot pot

With this electric BBQ Grill pan, you can now enjoy a shabu-shabu steamboat hot pot while grilling shrimp or other seafood at the top. You can also try grilling pork belly meat on the grill and put it together with your choice of hot pot! Try it now so you’ll never know what you’re missing.


Multifunction Samgyup Griller

Multifunction Samgyup Griller

Get ready to cook up a storm with our multifunction Samgyup Griller! From frying to BBQ, this non-stick Medical stone grill pot has got you covered. With adjustable power and automatic safety features, enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience for up to 2-3 people.


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Mini Korean Electric Griller

Mini Korean Multifunctional Barbeque Griller

Add a pop of color to your KBBQ party with our Mini Hotpot Grill Cooker in trendy pink! This versatile electric griddle lets you barbecue, cook, fry, and more with its Maifan stone and baking pan. Perfect for 1-3 people, its 2 adjustable power settings won’t trip your dormitory breaker. Don’t miss out on this compact and convenient griller!


Hanabishi Electric Griller – Bbq Grills

Hanabishi BBQ Samgyup Griller

Bring the authentic BBQ experience indoors with this Hanabishi electric griller that looks and feels just like the real thing! Equipped with durable stainless steel heating elements and heating rods for your BBQ and samgyupsal, its automatic control with thermostat ensures perfectly cooked meals every time. Plus, with cool touch handle, you can enjoy hassle-free grilling right in the comfort of your own home


Mini Electric Barbecue Grill

Mini Electric Barbecue Grill

Looking for an affordable and reliable electric grill? This mini electric BBQ griller is the perfect alternative to more expensive options. Featuring durable stainless steel heating elements, automatic control with thermostat, and cool touch hands, this 2000W grill is the perfect addition to your home cooking arsenal.


Portable Camping Griller

Portable Camping Griller

Take your outdoor grilling to the next level with our portable Camping Griller! No need for assembly, this folding grill is easy to clean and transport, making it the perfect addition to your next camping trip or backyard BBQ.

With an iron grill body and net material, and a special air vent design, you’ll get a fantastic BBQ experience with the added flavor of charcoal. Chic appearance and excellent quality make this a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. Don’t miss out on this versatile and convenient grill!



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What is a Samgyupsal Griller?

The Samgyupsal Griller is a unique and innovative way to cook samgyupsal, or Korean-style bacon. It is usually made of stainless steel and has a grill plate on top. The grill plate is divided into two sections – one for cooking the meat and the other for vegetables. There is also a gap in the middle of the grill plate, which allows the juices from the meat to drip down and flavor the vegetables.

FAQs About Samgyup Griller

What do you call that cooker for Samgyupsal?

In the Philippines, we call it Samgyup Griller or Electric BBQ Grill.  Some griller also comes with hotpot where you can cook your veggies or cook shabu shabu!

How do you clean electric Samgyup griller?

In just a few easy steps, you can have your electric Samgyup grill clean and ready for your next Korean BBQ night! First, remove the grill plate and drip tray. Next, use a brush or sponge to scrub the grill plate with soapy water. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly afterward. Then, wipe down the exterior of the grill with a damp cloth. And that’s it! Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have your grill cleaned in no time.

Can you use Electric Samgyupsal Griller indoors?

Many people love the taste of grilled food, but they don’t always want to deal with the hassle of firing up the grill. After all, grilling can be a messy affair, and it’s not always convenient to do it outdoors. Luckily, there’s a solution: electric Samgyup grillers. These grills are designed for indoor use, and they offer a quick and easy way to enjoy grilled food without any of the mess.

The most popular type of Electric Samgyupsal Griller is the tabletop grill, which is perfect for small apartments or homes with limited outdoor space. Tabletop grills typically have a metal grate that heats up quickly, making it easy to cook food evenly.

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