10 Affordable Sagada Homestays and Inns


Sagada is a beautiful place perfect for hikers and nature lovers. This humble municipality of the Moutain Province region is home to many forests and wildlife. The weather is kind of cold up there, but you’ll enjoy breathing the fresh air and enjoy the magnificent view. One thing that Sagada is known for is because when you go up to the mountains, you’ll see a breathtaking view of the sea of clouds.

When you’re hiking so high up, you’ll need a place to come down to. Fortunately, Sagada isn’t far from the times amidst the place being resided with the tribesmen of Mountain Province. The town is rich in culture and also in accommodation, so it’s best for tourists like yourself. In this blog, we’ll be talking about homestays in Sagada.

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10 Sagada Homestays and Inns

Sagada is a gem in the Mountain Province, and we’re so blessed to have decent accommodation for the green traveler. Here are the places you can stay in Sagada:

Sagada Homestay Inn

This homey place is perfect for those who seek all-in-one accommodation because they have a restaurant and massage service inside. Designed with rustic interiors, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in a wooden cabin.

Photo from @SagadaHomestayInn

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Contact No: 0919 702 8380
Address: Sagada-Besao Road, Sagada

Sagada Village Beds Homestay

When you get to this place, you’ll be amazed because it is so presentable for a traditional Filipino house! They have wooden interiors housing 4 Rooms with 2 bathrooms and you can even cook your own meal for a small miscellaneous price.

Photo from @VillageBedsHomestay

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Contact No: 0998 564 9974
Address: Dao-angan, Sagada

Panyero’s Sagada Homestay

A small building, they have this amazing veranda reception area where you can relax near the fireplace (yes, it has a fireplace!) Their rooms and beds are made of thick wood to combat the foggy weather in Sagada.

Photo from @PanyeroSagadaHomestay

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Contact No: 0919 290 8112
Address: Poblacion, Sagada

Ina’s Sagada Homestay

Photo from @InaSagadaHomestay

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Contact No: 0918 743 2221
Address: Batalao, Sagada

Sagada Sunrise View Homestay

This homestay is overlooking the Sagada mountains, which is perfect if you wanna wake up with a view! Aside from accommodation rooms, they have a buffet area, function room, spacious parking area, beautiful and picturesque view deck.

Photo from @SunriseViewHomestay

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Contact No: 0917 850 9015
Address: Rev. Staunton Road, Kal-i, Kilong, Mt. Province, Sagada

Wanay’s Rocky Mountain Homestay

A modern-designed homestay, this place has rooms with their own terrace while overlooking the rural settlers of Sagada. Though it is a small building, you can see the sea of clouds (thick fog) when you get out of the terraces of their rooms.

Photo from @WanayRockyMountainHomestay

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Contact Email: sbanagao@gmail.com
Address: Summerfields Subdivision, Goshenland, Pico La Trinidad, Benguet Baguio City

Sagada Clairence Inn

With a touch of modern and rustic, visitors can call this place their Sagada home because it has well-kept beds and a bathroom in every room with an option of going out to the terrace. Though it’s just located in the rural area, their greyish but stylish building really stands out.

Photo from @SagadaClairenceInn

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Contact No: 0995 417 3342
Address: Central Town of Sagada

Ayeonas Homestay

Let’s get rid of rustic and make it more fantastic with this homestay. Though the place is designed in the modern Filipino-American home interiors, they have rooms and facilities that make your stays enjoyable such as their cafe bar, massage area, and facial spa service.

Photo from @AyeonasHomestay

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Contact No: 0977 206 0185
Address: Dao-angan, Mt. Province, Sagada

Mas-in’s Homestay

Bright and lively is what defines Mas-In homestay. They have different colored rooms that suit your style and you can lounge in their veranda while you enjoy a therapeutic view of the municipality of Sagada.

Photo from @MasInHomestay

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Contact Email: masinssagada@gmail.com
Address: Demang, Sagada

Sagada Heritage Village

This is a mini-hotel that serves its guest’s high-quality cottage rooms with the woods surrounding them. These traditional huts have private bathrooms nearby and you can also enjoy a nice bonfire with friends and family.

Photo from @SagadaHeritageVillage

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Contact Email: 0921 219 8385
Address: Mampukong, Balugan, Sagada

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