Purico’s Cabin Resort in Apalit, Pampanga

Puricos Cabin Resort - Apalit Pampanga

Having become one of the trending spots on TikTok and Facebook, we couldn’t resist the hype and decided to visit Purico’s Cabin Resort.

Located in the heart of Apalit, Pampanga, Purico’s Cabin Resort stands as one of the province’s newest cabin staycation havens. Surrounded by vast farmlands and boasting tranquility, this resort is a paradise that transports you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Puricos Cabin Resort Gate

Purico’s Cabin Resort First Impressions

Upon arriving, a grand gate welcomes you, setting the tone for a serene retreat. The quiet ambiance of the resort immediately caught our attention, making it clear why it’s a popular choice for those seeking a peaceful getaway.

We visited on a weekday to avoid the crowds, and it’s worth noting that even on weekdays, the resort is frequently fully booked. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

Puricos Cabin Resort - Cabin Jem

The Cabin

We checked into the cabin named Jem, conveniently located near the entrance. The resort provides designated parking near the café area, ensuring a hassle-free experience. A 3,000-peso security deposit is required, and they provide a walkie-talkie for in-house restaurant orders.

Puricos Cabin Resort Living Room

Our cabin, designed for six people, featured an industrial-style interior with cozy accents and plants.

Puricos Cabin Resort Kitchen

Inside, we found a small sofa, a dining table, and essential amenities like a water heater, microwave, utensils, and a refrigerator. The loft-type cabin included a well-appointed restroom with a hot and cold shower.

Puricos Cabin Resort Bed

Ascending the cabin’s staircase, we discovered a charming bedroom designed to accommodate six people.

Puricos Cabin Resort TV

There are two beds and an extra queen bed, ensuring a comfortable and spacious sleeping arrangement for all occupants.

Puricos Cabin Resort Veranda

There’s also a cozy little balcony, the ideal spot for a nightcap in the evening or a leisurely coffee session before check-out.

Puricos Cabin Resort Outdoor Seating

The cabin’s charm extends to its outdoor spaces. The rear of the cabin hosts a table for outdoor gatherings, accompanied by a unique jacuzzi crafted from a pickup truck’s bed.

Purico's Cabin Resort - Jacuzzi

While the jacuzzi doesn’t have heating, the bubbling water adds to the relaxation, complemented by the refreshing greenery surrounding it.

Puricos Cabin Resort - Istory Cafe

Recreational Facilities

Purico’s Cabin Resort doesn’t stop at just cabins. A pool, situated in front of the Istory café, invites guests to cool off and unwind. Puricos Cabin Resort - Istorya Cafe at night

The area features lounge spaces, bean bags, and tables, creating a comfortable environment for both swimmers and onlookers.

Puricos Cabin Resort at night

One standout feature is the thoughtful layout of the cabins, ensuring privacy for each guest. The well-lit, Instagrammable cabins contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the resort.

Guests are kindly asked not to hang towels in front of the cabins to maintain the visual harmony of the surroundings.

Puricos Cabin Resort - Restaurant

Rates and Dining

The cabin rate of 7,000 pesos per night, which includes free breakfast for two, proves to be a reasonable investment for a group of six adults.

For dining convenience, the resort has its in-house restaurant, offering plenty of outdoor seating. Keep in mind that a 1,000-peso corkage fee applies if you opt to bring your own food.

Purico’s Cabin Resort Menu


Purico’s Cabin Resort Details

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Address: 0026 Sitio Camia Calantipe, Apalit, Pampanga

Despite a minor hiccup with a malfunctioning backdoor and an unheated jacuzzi, our stay at Purico’s Cabin Resort was delightful. The affordability, coupled with the convenience of on-site dining, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a tranquil escape.

With its well-designed cabins and picturesque surroundings, Purico’s Cabin Resort stands out as a hidden gem in Apalit, Pampanga.

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