Puntabelle Resort and Farm Adventure – Review + Virtual Tour

Puntabelle Hermosa Bataan

Featured in vlogs with millions of views, it’s no wonder Puntabelle Nature Farm in Hermosa, Bataan, is a must-visit destination. And we’re among the eager tourists thrilled to witness its beauty firsthand.

Our trip was unplanned, but since it was a Monday, we expected the resort to be free from crowds. The resort is only a one-and-a-half-hour ride from Angeles City, so a day tour would be sufficient to enjoy it.

Puntabelle Resort Virtual Tour


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Puntabelle Farm and Resort River Entrance

Upon arrival, you are greeted by this serene stream and a large parking lot.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Information Booth

The resort’s entrance fee is ₱350 per person, and people who opt for day tours are required to avail themselves of a cottage or table.

They also offer their rooms for day tours. And since one of their rooms costs only ₱2,175, entrance fee included, we booked one of their rooms instead.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Boating Area

Our room is located at the back of this building by the boating area.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Rooms

This area also has a mini stream beside it and lots of trees providing shade. The room is air-conditioned, has 2 beds, a TV, and its own bathroom.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort -Gabrielle Room

After freshening up from the hot ride, we started exploring the resort.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Pool

Puntabelle is famous for its 7 pools. The first 2 pools are located near the entrance, where the foam party happens every weekend.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Slide Pool

On the other side is this 4ft pool with two slides.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Activity Area

There’s also an activity area in the resort, filled with slides, swings, and seesaws that children will truly love.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Island Pool

The next pool is the island pool. This freshwater pool was our favorite. There’s a cottage in the middle that you can rent too.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Volleyball

Puntabelle isn’t just for pool enthusiasts; it’s also ideal for team building, with designated areas for volleyball and basketball.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Nature Resort and Farm Adventure

And for those looking for a serene retreat this coming holy week, there’s an area on the other side of the river that you’d want to explore.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Giant Chair

Here, you’ll find their giant chair along with an “I heart Puntabelle” signage.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Giant Frame

On the next level, you’ll see this giant white frame, framing the white cross atop.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Cross

The steps going to the cross are not too steep, perfect even for kids and elders who want to pray.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort River

It was noon when we started exploring, so to cool down, we soaked by the stream.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Hotel Rooms

The resort also has a new building being constructed housing several executive rooms. The rooms are pricier but are located at the center of the resort. So, if you want easy access to the pools, I suggest you book one of these rooms instead.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Lazy River Entrance

At the back of the resort is the Lazy River.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Wishing Well

And before you get there, you’ll pass by another pool, a pond, and this wishing well.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Lazy River

What you’ll appreciate about this section of the resort is its comprehensive amenities, including private comfort rooms, a pavilion, and seating areas. You can even reserve this area for a private party.

Puntabelle Farm and Resort Hammock

But what we love most about the resort is this mini forest. The area is breezy and has hammocks. This is where we spent most of our time before swimming in the pools.

My Puntabelle Review

Puntabelle Review

Disclaimer: We visited on a weekday; the experience may change depending on the day or season.

Location: The resort sits atop a mountain, yet it’s easy to locate, with no rough roads to navigate.

Atmosphere: Overall, we loved the atmosphere of the resort. It’s quiet and spacious.

Bathroom: The bathrooms are okay. There were a lot scattered across the resort. There were no mirrors, some bathrooms didn’t have doors but curtains only for privacy.

Price: I think the price is affordable given all of the amenities included.

Rooms: The room is clean and affordable. But no free towels, kits, and breakfast provided.

Amenities: As mentioned above, you will not get bored exploring the resort. There’s also a restaurant that serves food. The food is okay, not that pricey. But the best thing about this resort is that you can bring your own food without paying for corkage.

Service: The staff was accommodating. But there are no lifeguards, so guests are advised to swim at their own risk.

Overall: We’re the type of people who love the provincial feel. So, overall, we love the resort for its peaceful, serene settings (on a weekday) and lots of amenities. The fees are affordable too, and there’s an in-house restaurant if you forgot to bring food.

The videos promoting it made the resort look more modern. So, if you’re looking for something 5-star, this is not it.

But if you’re someone who loves nature and is just looking for a new place to visit in Bataan, you’ll surely adore the resort as well.

Puntabelle Resort Details

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Address: Mabiga, hermosa bataan
Email: puntabelle.nikki@yahoo.com
Contact No:  0917 113 1802

Punta Belle Resort Rates


Puntabelle Cottages

Capacity: 6-8 persons
Day Swimming: ₱700
Night Swimming: ₱800

Capacity: 8-10 persons
Day Swimming: ₱800
Night Swimming: ₱900

Capacity: 15-20 persons
Day Swimming: ₱ 1,100
Night Swimming: ₱1,200

Capacity: 15-30 persons
Day Swimming: ₱1,600
Night Swimming: ₱1,700

Capacity: 20-35 persons
Day Swimming: ₱2,500
Night Swimming: ₱2,600

Lazy River Cottage

Lazy River Rental

Capacity: 8-10 persons
Day Swimming: ₱1,100
Night Swimming: ₱1,200

Lazy River Rental

Day Swimming: ₱6,000
Night Swimming: ₱7,000

15 free swimming entrance

Island Cottage

Day Swimming: ₱6,000
Night Swimming: ₱7,000

Airconditioned Conference Room

Puntabelle Conference Room

Capacity: 50-60 persons
8 hours use:₱8,000

Non-Aircon Conference Room

Capacity: 70-80 persons
Day Swimming: ₱8,000
Night Swimming: ₱9,000

Executive Room Rates

Puntabelle Executive Room

2 persons: ₱3,600
3 persons: ₱4, 200
4 persons: ₱4, 800

Check In: 2pm
Check Out: 12 noon
Breakfast included
Extra person: 600

Private Villa

Puntabelle Private Villa

16,000 for 12 pax

  • Villa 1: Airconditioned Bedroom with comfort room, mini sala, kitchen
  • Villa 2: 2 airconditioned room with 65 inches T.V., comfort room, dining and mini sala
  • Private swimming pool
  • Spacious parking lot
  • Cottage with videoke
Other Rooms

Puntabelle Farm and Resort -Gabrielle Room

Gabrielle: 3pax | ₱2, 175
Connecting Room: 5pax | ₱3, 950
Sabina Dormitory: 6pax | ₱5,250
Victoria Dormitory: 6pax | ₱5,250
Chantal Dormitory: 10pax | ₱8,750
Miguel Dormitory: 20pax | ₱16,500

Extra Person: 350
Extra Pillow: 100
Extra Mattress:150

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