Top 10 Pansol Laguna Resorts for Family Outings

California Beach Pansol

If you are looking for a place to escape and relax, then look no further. These private resorts offer top-of-the-line amenities with amazing views that will make your mind wander off into dreamy territory! Spend some time away from work or school by taking advantage of these incredible deals before summer comes around again—they won’t last forever after all…

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Top 10 Private Resorts In Pansol Laguna

Pansol, Laguna is known for its numerous natural hot springs and private resorts. At these Private resorts in Pansol, you can beat the heat and enjoy leisure time with your loved ones. It is just 1-2 hours drive away from the busy cities of Metro Manila.

Sheldan Resort Pansol, Laguna

Sheldan Resort Pansol, Laguna
Photo from @Sheldan Resort Pansol, Laguna

This Sheldan Resort in Pansol, Laguna has a modern ocean theme that features blue, refreshing colors, and interiors. Its price is as competitive as other resorts in Pansol Laguna. With two rooms and a lot of amenities, you will surely enjoy your stay at Sheldan Resort.

Rates: Php 18,000 (15pax for 22hrs)

Inclusions: Adult and kiddie pool, 2AC Rooms (with a sleeping capacity of 10-15pax). Videoke, movie place, billiard, refrigerator, water dispenser (with free 1galon purified water), gas range, and grilling station 

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Contact No:+63 917 894 0744
Address: Blk.2 Lot 18 Laguna Hills Subdivisions, Brgy. Pansol 4027 Calamba, Laguna

Dreamwave Resort Pansol

Dreamwave Resort Pansol
Photo from @Dreamwave Resort Pansol

Dreamwave Resort is a dreamy palace to be in when you are in Pansol, Laguna. It parades a spacious, intricately designed building that will make your crowd more free and relaxed for your set activities. Even though it has public access, its pools are crystal clear that you want to jump off right away after arriving. Price starts from Php 15,000 for 10-15pax with 2 rooms for you and your gang. Get this deal now, before it is too late.

Rates: starts Php 15,000 (15 pax for 22hrs)

Inclusions: Adult and kiddie pool, Towels and toiletries, Exclusive bathrooms, LED Cable TV, Kitchen and Dining Area, cooking provisions

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Contact No:+63 915 549 1056

Address:  Purok 5 Sampaguita St, Calamba, 4027 Laguna

Anton’s Loft Designer Resort Pansol

Anton's Loft Designer Resort Pansol
Photo from @Anton’s Loft Designer Resort Pansol

This may be the most luxurious private resort in Laguna you will find. For Php 25,000 you can enjoy unlimited use of jacuzzi, 1 pool for adults and 1 for kids, 3 deluxe rooms, and many more for your whole stay.

It is also easily located along the national highway. Turn your wheels on and pin this Anton’s Loft Designer Resort Pansol, Laguna, on your GPS. Don’t forget to invite your family and friends!

Rates: starts Php 25,000 (20 pax for 22hrs)

Inclusions: Adult and Kiddie Pool  (Hot/ warm spring water), unlimited Jacuzzi, 3 Air-conditioned Deluxe Rooms, Unlimited KTV videoke and billiards table,  free use of refrigerator, stove, LPG, rice cooker, and griller, WiFi, and Safe Parking

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Contact No:+63 920 975 9910

Address:Block 2 Lot 12 Villa Lagos Subdivision (formerly Lazaro Subdivision) Pansol, Calamba

Bianca’s Private Resort Pansol Laguna

Bianca's Private Resort
Photo from @Bianca’s Private Resort

This Bianca’s resort is a contemporary-styled resort that makes you feel at home while you’re on a vacation. They can accommodate, 12, 18, or 24 pax with starting rate of Php 14,000 on a weekday. They have 4 rooms to spare, billiards to play, and a kiddie pool for the bagets. Such a great find! 

Rates: starts Php 16,000 (12 pax for 21 hours)

Inclusions: Adult (natural warm spring water) and kiddie pool, Basketball ring in pool, 4 Air-conditioned Rooms, Unli Karaoke,  access to dining and grilling area, WiFi, and Parking for 2 cars

Visit their Facebook Page
Contact No:+63 917 116 9535

Address: Lot 5B Villa Pilar Subdivision, Pansol 4027, Calamba, Laguna

California Beach Pansol

California Beach Pansol
Photo from @California Beach Pansol

The California Beach Resort, may take you to an out-of-the-country feel with its mixed westernized and traditional room interiors and structure designs. It has an automated natural spring temperature control technology for its pool that will suffice that warm bath your body needs. What’s more? They also offer Jacuzzi pool for 1 hr. Sweet, right?

Rates: starts Php 25,000 (15-20 pax for 22 hrs)


  • Entertainment: 50” HD TV and TJ Media KTV, Hi-Speed Fiber Internet up to 200 mbps, 44” Flat-Screen TV
  • Facilities: Private Pool Depth 5.0 Feet (Automated and Regulated Pool Temp Technology, Natural Spring Water, No Chlorine), Jacuzzi (for 1 hr), California Beach Pansol Waterfalls (Free for 5 hours), 1 Billiard Set (Free use from 4pm-6pm), Mini Bar, Dining Area, Kitchen Area, Gas stove Cooker, Charcoal type Griller, Refrigerator, Water Dispenser, Free Parking on Premises (for 3 cars)

Visit their Facebook Page
Contact No:+63 965 063 3261

Address: 965 National Hiway Pansol, Calamba, Laguna

Villa Sofia Private Resort – Laguna

Villa Sofia Private Resort - Laguna
Photo from @Villa Sofia Private Resort – Laguna

With its natural hot spring water, Villa Sofia Private Resort should be one of your top choices when taking a swimming trip in Laguna. It has spacious dining and entertainment areas where you can set your activities with your family and barkada. The place can accommodate up to 24 people at an affordable price of Php 20,000. Even your beloved pets are welcome here. What are you waiting for, book this place now.

Rates: Php 20,000 (24pax for 22hrs)

Inclusions:  Natural hot spring pool for Adults, a kiddie pool, Optional Jacuzzi (500/hr), Basketball ring in pool, 4 AC Rooms, dining and grilling area, videoke, billiard, kitchen area and cooking provisions

Visit their Facebook Page
Contact No:+63 922 838 0839

Address: 158 Mutya St., Ma. Makiling Hot Spring Village, 4027 Calamba, Philippines

Querencia Private Resort

Querencia Private Resort
Photo from @Querencia Private Resort

A nice place to relax your mind and your body, Querencia Private Resort offers affordable prices for you to stay overnight or for one whole day.  Its natural hot spring can also provide you with additional warmth and soothing for your tired and stressed muscles. The elevated Cavanna of Querencia Private Resort showcases a captivating mountain view and relaxing view of the resort. This is the right place for you to spend with friends and family.

Rates: starts Php 12,000 (21 pax for night stay)

Inclusions:  Fully airconditioned rooms with individual comfort rooms, access to 2nd floor cavanna, Natural hot spring adult and kiddie pool with slide, Unli use of videoke and wifi, refrigerator, dispenser, stove and griller ( lpg with charge), parking space for 4 cars

Visit their Facebook Page
Contact No:(049) 539 2095

Address: Ilang-Ilang Street, Pansol 4027 Calamba, Laguna

Galilee Spring Pansol Resort

Galilee Spring Pansol Resort
Photo from @Galilee Spring Pansol Resort

Galilee Spring Resort will take you to the wilderness with its beautifully designed wall murals and cascading water from natural hot springs. It also offers a spectacular view of Mt. Makiling, an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. Its warm water from the natural spring will sweep away your worries and may cure a broken soul. Dip into this rejuvenating resort, book your reservations now!

Rates: starts Php 20,000 (maximum 20 pax for 22hrs)

Inclusions:  Natural hot spring water cascades for adult and kiddie pool, airconditioned rooms, Unli Karaoke, Refrigerator, Grilling area, WiFi ready, and available cooking provisions and utensils, pets are allowed but with additional fee

Visit their Facebook Page
Contact No:+63 933 948 1908

Address: Villa Pilar (Near Solemar Subdivision), Purok 3, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna 4027 Calamba, Philippines

La Roma Private Resort Pansol Calamba Laguna

La Roma Private Resort Pansol Calamba Laguna
Photo from @La Roma Private Resort Pansol Calamba Laguna

This may be the cheapest place to rent for your whole family and friends. The La Roma private resort offers the place for a starting price of Php 15,600 for 40 pax on a weekday. Not bad for the price! Along with this, they offer full amenities and access to the resort. La Roma private resort is a great place for celebrations or events. What are you waiting for? Book it now.

Rates: starts Php 16,600 (maximum 20 pax for 21 hrs)

InclusionsNatural hot spring, Adult and kiddie pool, airconditioned rooms, use of paddle boats, Unli Videoke, Kitchen and Grilling area, Spacious dining and parking area, WiFi ready, and griller and gas stove (LPG for Php 300 fee)

Visit their Facebook Page
Contact No:+63 919 005 5243

Address: Amber Street, Pansol Indigo Bay Subdivision (at the back of Subd Club house) 4027 Calamba, Laguna

Abenes Resort

Abenes Resort
Photo from @Abenes Resort

The Abenes resort is a home away from home. It exudes a mix of romantic and relaxed feeling, the perfect place for you and your beloved companions. From the owners to the staff, queries and concerns are addressed respectfully well. Rooms are cleaned well and the Abenes Resort is committed to following the restrictions and safety guidelines implemented by the government for a safer accommodation of the customers.

Rates: starts Php 14,000 (maximum 18-20 pax for overnight stay)

Inclusions:  Adult and kiddie pool, airconditioned rooms, Unli Karaoke, Kitchen and Grilling area, Spacious dining area beside the pool, WiFi ready, and cooking provisions

Visit their Facebook Page
Contact No:+63 906 445 1277

Address: Sampaguita St. Solemar del Pansol Subd 4030 Calamba, Philippines


Are you packed and ready to go? Just don’t forget to bring your swimming suits! No need to fuss about what to eat while on your trip, Laguna streets are filled with scrumptious foods that can be bought along the way. And if you are not that satisfied with Laguna swimming trip, bring back home those popular pasalubongs from some of Laguna’s towns.

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