5 Private Resorts in Laguna

Samland Villa Resort and Pavilion

If there is one thing I’ve learned from the Covid pandemic, it is to enjoy life while it lasts. So while summer is fast approaching; why not treat yourself and your family to one of these 5  private resorts in Laguna, the resort capital of the Philippines. Spend a colorful and memorable summer this year and rejuvenate with joyful memories with your loved ones. Come and explore these 5 private resorts in Laguna in this article.

8 Flags Resort Laguna

8 Flags Resort Laguna
Photo from @8 Flags Resort Laguna

The 8 Flags Resort in Los Baños, Laguna may be the most ‘sulit’ resort you can find in Laguna. For only Php 19,000 you can enjoy unlimited amenities such as videoke, billiard game and kitchen appliances. You can also immerse in the scenic Mt. Makiling at the comfort of your room, a view you would not want to miss when you go Laguna-tripping. Lastly, what is a vacation if there is no Netflix or high-speed internet? I’d go here if I were you.

Rates: starts Php 19,000 (for 15pax, 21hrs)

Amenities: Adult pool with slide, kiddie pool, unlimited videoke & Smart TV, Netflix, High speed internet connection, Instagrammable garden, Clean kitchen equipped with cooking utensils and appliance, Hot and cold water dispenser, 4 airconditioned bedrooms overlooking Mount Makiling,1 glassroom with sofa daybed, Roof deck with regular size billiard table, Free parking along our curb up to 6 cars.

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Contact number: 0920 811 5726

Address: Lexus St. Park Merced Subdivision Rd 4030, Los Baños, Laguna

Villa Rizalina – San Pablo, Laguna

Villa Rizalina - San Pablo, Laguna
Photo from @Villa Rizalina – San Pablo, Laguna

Another great find in San Pablo, Laguna, the Villa Rizalina offers a comforting vibe with available Kubo huts where you can spend your afternoon in(just like in the province!). The Villa is located in San Pablo where a lot of activities and tourist spots can be found. You will not regret spending an overnight stay here after devoting the whole day to tours and activities in this scenic town. 

Rates: Php 16,000 (max.20 pax, for 20 hrs)

Amenities: Adult & kiddie pool, unlimited videoke and billiard, Wifi, Spacious garden, Grilling and cooking utensils and Kitchen and dining area

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Contact number: 0920 811 5726

Address: Barangay Santo Anghel, Sitio Malabanban Rd. 4000, San Pablo City, Laguna

Samland Villa Resort and Pavilion

Samland Villa Resort and Pavilion
Photo from @Samland Villa Resort and Pavilion

The Samland Villa resort in Calauan, Laguna is the perfect getaway for you and your special ones. The resort offers a wide area for celebration and a therapeutic green mountain view. You will surely feel relaxed with the fresh vibrance and countryside feel of the resort. What are you waiting for, try the Samland Villa and celebrate life here!

Rates: Php 15,000 (Family suite for 15pax, for 24 hours)

Amenities: access to adult & kiddie pool, videoke, Smart TV, exclusive bathroom, wifi, Spacious garden/events area, Grilling and dining area

Visit their FB page
Contact number:(049566) 0507

Address: Balayhangin 4012, Calauan, Laguna

Khobarville by LMU Resorts

Khobarville by LMU Resorts
Photo from @Khobarville by LMU Resorts

Give yourself a break! Here in Khobarville by LMU Resorts in Calamba, you will get to pamper yourself and your special ones with the relaxation you have been longing for. It is easily located a minute’s ride from the national highway. Khobarville by LMU Resort offers a spacious private resort with a lot of amenities for you to enjoy. Call your family members and friends, pack your bags, and book this private resort now! 

Rates: starts Php 18,000 (21 hrs for max. 25 pax)

Amenities: Adult pool and Kiddie pool, 3 air-conditioned rooms, 5 bathrooms, Living and Mess hall, Kitchen area with free use of cooking utensils, Refrigerator, 2 burner gas stove (with extra charge), Hot and cold water dispenser (with Php60 extra charge), Griller, Videoke, Free Wifi, Billiards, Pingpong table, Secured indoor parking, In-house convenience store. (Note: Eating utensils, toiletries and blankets are not provided. And pets are not allowed)

Visit their FB page
Contact number: 0917 155 2788

Address: Magenta St. Indigo Bay Subdivision, Bagong Kalsada 4027, Calamba, Laguna

The Cliffhouse Laguna Hot Spring Resort

The Cliffhouse Laguna Hot Spring Resort
Photo from @The Cliffhouse Laguna Hot Spring Resort

This Cliffhouse in Los Baños, Laguna overlooks an awe-inspiring view of the surrounding neighborhood. The kids, your fam, and your friends will enjoy swimming here while immersing in nature’s exquisite view. The place is also instagrammably perfect and memorable for a summer well-spent. Book now, before their slots become full!

Rates: starting Php 35,000 (21hrs stay)

Amenities: Hot spring, adult & kiddie pool, videoke, deluxe rooms, exclusive bathroom, Kitchen, dining and Grilling stations, safe parking

Visit their FB page
Contact number: 09175225168

Address: Blk 10 Lot 11 Niagara Street, Springdale Subdivision 4030, Los Baños, Laguna

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