Old Rock Resort & Hotel

Old Rock Resort & Hotel

If you’re looking for a new destination in Bolinao to showcase on your Instagram freed, you should consider checking out Old Rock Resort. This resort effortlessly combines modern luxury with the enchanting allure of coral rock-inspired architecture. Stick around in this article, and we’ll explore all the fantastic offerings this resort has in store for you!

old rock resort

Situated in the tranquil Sitio Tinumrong, Brgy. Arnedo, Old Rock Resort is a relatively new addition to the area, but it’s already making waves with its distinctive charm. The entire resort, from its cottages and rooms to its restaurant and various structures, is beautifully crafted with materials that mimic natural rocks, giving it an authentic Flintstone touch.

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old rock resort beach

One of the standout features of this resort is its well-maintained beachfront, even during the lean season. In a region known for white sandy beaches, Old Rock Resort stands out by keeping its shores clean and free from seaweed, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a peaceful sunbathing session.

Old Rock Resort Beach

For visitors looking for a quick day escape, the resort offers affordable day tour viewing rates at just 50 pesos for adults and 30 pesos for children. This makes it an excellent option for a day of relaxation and fun by the sea.

old rock resort pool

If you’re a fan of poolside relaxation, Old Rock Resort won’t disappoint. The resort boasts three swimming pools, and the rates are reasonable at 250 pesos for adults and 120 pesos for kids.

old rock resort pool

Whether you want to swim or simply lounge by the pool, it’s a great way to cool off and enjoy your stay.

old rock resort - mushroom

What I love about their pool is they also have this structure covering a part of the pool, perfect when the sun is too hot and you don’t want to get sunburned. This thoughtful addition enhances your swimming experience, providing a cool and shaded oasis.

old rock resort - boodle

They also offer cottages, ranging from Php550 to 5,000 that can accommodate various group sizes. From cozy couple getaways to large family reunions, there’s something for everyone.

Old Rock Resort Cottages

Pool Side Cottage Rates

  • Green Mushroom Cottage:  5 pax – 550
  • Cave Cottage: 10 – 20 pax – 1,500
  • Boodle Cottage: 20 – 30 pax – 2,500

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Old Rock Resort Rooms

For accommodations, room rates start at Php4,500 pesos. You can also opt for spacious family rooms accommodating up to eight guests at Php12,500 .

old rock resort restaurant

Speaking of dining, while the resort’s restaurant is not up and running yet, guests can enjoy the convenience of bringing their own food without incurring any corkage fees.

old rock resort restaurant

Alternatively, you can order from nearby restaurants for delivery, such as Seafood Grill and The Kitchen Core. This flexibility ensures that you can enjoy your meals exactly how you prefer during your stay.

old rock - tiki bar

And if you’re looking for some extra fun, the resort even has a Tiki Bar all set up, though it’s keeping us in suspense as it’s not open just yet. But when it finally does, you can bet it’ll be the ultimate spot to sip on perfect cocktails while soaking in the breathtaking beach view.

Old Rock Resort & Hotel Contact Info

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Address: Brgy. Arnedo Bolinao, Pangasinan
Contact No: 0965 526 3810

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of the Old Rock Resort. It’s the best place to book if you hate the crowd, want IG-worthy photos, and budget is not a concern

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