Mountainview Resort in DRT Bulacan

Mountainview Resort

Experience an enjoyable summer in Mountainview resort in DRT with your family. The resort has a lot of room types and activities for you and your family to enjoy. Book now before summer ends!

Mountainview Resort
Photo from @Mountainview Resort

Mountainview Resort Rates:

Day Entrance Rates:

  • Adult- Php 150
  • Child- Php 120

Night Entrance Rates:

  • Adult- Php 180
  • Child- Php 150

Cottage Room Rates:

  • for 50 pax: Lighthouse- Php 2,500
  • for 15 pax: Veranda- Php 1,000; Octagon- Php 900; Hexagon- Php 700; Cuatro Aguas A- Php 900; Slide Open Cottage- Php 800
  • for 6 pax: Cuatro Aguas B- Php 600; Mushroom Cottage- Php 500
  • for 120 pax: Pavillion Hall- Php 10,000

Accommodation Rates:

  • for 2-6 pax: Pink room- Php 2,000; Cave room- Php 2,500
  • for 8-12 pax: Pav room with cottage/ Blue house- Php 3,000; Yellow house/White house- Php 3,500
  • for 15-18 pax: Dorm with cottage- Php 3,500; Guest house- Php 6,000
  • for 25 pax: Red house with private pool- Php 8,500

Rates may vary with the season. Please get in touch with the resort for the exact rates and pax acommodations.

Mountainview Resort
Photo from @Mountainview Resort

Mountainview Resort DRT Amenities:

  • Amenities vary with the room accommodations chosen.

Mountainview Resort DRT Policies:

  • We strictly implement No DEPOSIT/DOWNPAYMENT, No RESERVATION policy. Only reservation with deposit/downpayment is confirmed.
  • We do not refund Deposit/Downpayment. All other payments after the guest/s entered and used any of the facilities are non-refundable.
  • We allow one-time rescheduling of confirmed reservation within one week from the booking date. Afterwhich, the deposit/downpayment shall be forfeited.
  • We don’t lend kitchen utensils. The guests are allowed bring their own kitchen utensils.
  • We do not charge corkage fees for food and drinks. The guests are allowed to bring their food and drinks and use open grilling areas for free.
  • We allow domesticated PETS but we shall not be liable for damages and injuries they caused while inside the resort. Pet owners are responsible for their pets.
  • We allow KIDS inside the resort, provided they are with their parents/guardians who shall responsible for their care and safety.
  • We provide free parking but we shall not be responsible for any loss and damage to vehicles.
  •  We implement No FACEMASK, No ENTRY policy.
  • We have CCTVs all over the place to ensure our safety and protect us all.

Mountainview Resort Images:

Mountainview Resort DRT Contact info:

Facebook page
Contact number: 0935 735 6215
Email address:
Address: Sitio Buasao, Sapang Bulac, Doña Remedios Trinidad (DRT), Bulacan

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