Most Relaxing Wellness Centers and Massage Spas in Tagaytay

Spa Massage

Where do you go when you need that well-deserved massage? The spa, of course! Massage is one of the best non-invasive physical treatments that you can get. The benefits of massage include reducing muscle tension, improved circulation, relaxation, and rejuvenating the whole body system by targeting therapeutic points. The great thing is that you can have your body massaged in almost every city of the Philippines, like in Tagaytay.

If you happen to be in the Tagaytay area or are residing in the popular city where Taal Lake is situated, you should give yourself a breather and let your numb reflexes be soothed with a relaxing hand, foot, or back massage. There are spots in the city to choose from. Call it a day and book yourself a massage appointment when you select the spas in Tagaytay. In this blog, we’ll be talking about massage spa locations in Tagaytay City.

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Top 10 Massage Spa Locations in Tagaytay

Get yourself a relaxing massage when you book an appointment at one of these spas in Tagaytay:

Azrama Wellness Spa Tagaytay

Photo from @AzramaWellnessSpa

Get yourself the gift of relaxation when you go to this spa location. Other than the soothing Zen ambiance, they offer a good full body massage including hands, foot, and back as well as your own foot spa.

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Contact No: 0916 992 1085
Address: Sungay East, Tagaytay City

Calis Massage and Spa

Photo from @CalisMassage&Spa

This one has a serene, homey feel to their massage place, offering full-body massage at a cheap price. They also have a Swedish massage, shiatsu massage, reflexology massage, and even a kiddie massage (ages 10 below).

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Contact No: 0975 715 1458
Address: Silang, Tagaytay City

Nurture Wellness Village

Photo from @NurtureWellnessVillage

A beautiful destination spa accredited by the Department of Tourism, they have amazing coffee orchards planted in their village spa as their form of Ecotherapy. For their services, they have signature Filipino treatments like Nilaib, Hilot and Dagdagay treatments and other holistic methods.

View their Facebook PageContact No:(046) 413 4352
Address: Pulong Sagingan, Tagaytay City

Luxury Day Massage

Photo from @LuxuryDayMassage

Get yourself an amazing full-body massage with add-ons (hot packs, aroma oils, ear candles, etc) at this spa befitting for its name! Other than their basic and premium massage therapy services, they even serve free ginger tea to their customers.

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Contact No: 0927 614 6804
Address: Primark Town Center, Tagaytay City

AJway Massage & Spa Therapy

Photo from @AJwayMassage&SpaTherapy

You should try their banana leaf scanning, a traditional Filipino herbal massage therapy, as well as their one-way massages (Swedish, shiatsu, combination, etc.), and other services like body wash and body scrub. Their spa is a place of relaxation with tropical green interiors that will wow the customers.

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Contact No: 0916 455 8817
Address: Nasugbu, Tagaytay City

Banahaw Heals Spa

Photo from @BanahawHealsSpa

With great spa comes great body energy healing! This spa has the mystic healing of Mt. Banahaw. Other than their basic Filipino and premium massages like Hilot Ginhawa, Hilot Pamana, Hilot Kagalingan, and additional services, they even have a beauty lounge that you can get your nails and make-up done.

View their Facebook PageContact No: 0919 293 7241
Address: E. Aguinaldo, Tagaytay City

Sonya’s Garden

Photo from @Sonya’sGarden

This picturesque garden massage spa offers full-body massage with their signature massage with Dorn (spine alignment) and other massages such as the authentic Filipino Hilot. They also have foot and back massage with add-ons as well as soothing hydrotherapy!

View their Facebook PageContact No: 0917 523 1080
Address: Alfonso, Tagaytay City

Zellaroma Body Massage and Spa

Photo from @ZellaromaBodyMassage&Spa

They have their own full-body massage and special Zellaroma Touch as well as other services such as glutathione scrub. A peaceful massage spa, this place is best for those who want to try classic and new massage therapies.

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Contact No: 0965 366 7077
Address: Primark Town Center, Tagaytay City

3/24 Tagaytay Spa

Photo from @3/24TagaytaySpa

This luxurious interior-designed spa will give you a high-class wellness increase time. They have their signature massages, combination massage, and hands/feet reflex as well as a ventosa add-on.

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Contact No: 0936 831 7922
Address: Maharlika. Tagaytay City

Asmara Spa

Photo from @AsmaraSpa

Combining Zen-like tranquility with a homely atmosphere, Asmara Spa stands out as one of Tagaytay’s premier massage spas. Here, you can indulge in soothing massages like Aromatherapy and seated back massages. Moreover, treat yourself to a revitalizing special bath and unwind while gazing at the breathtaking vista of Taal Lake.

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Contact No: 0916 220 7909
Address: Aguinaldo, Tagaytay City


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