10 Newest and Must-Visit La Union Tourist Spots


Beautiful La Union has many treats for local and foreign tourists alike. One of the provinces of the Philippines with a rich history because of its churches and pilgrimage sites, La Union also has natural wonders to show off. Also known as the ‘Garden Coast’, La Union has many homegrown goods such as the grape farms of La Union. It is also one of the best surfing spots in the country.


What’s nice is that it’s only a few hours away from Manila. La Union can be your mountain or beach haven. Either way, the province can offer you so much more, and it is up to you to take all the tease. In this blog, we’ll be talking about La Union tourist spots that you can check out. 

10 La Union Tourist Spots

When visiting La Union, you should see the amazing wonders that the province offers. These spots are proudly La Union:

Camp Gubat

A natural camping ground for the nature lover, this place has a beautiful view of La Union’s lush forests as well as wooden amenities such as nipa hut cottages and bird’s nest-like chairs. They even have their own “Paluto” or cooking station where you can order fries, chicken neck, calamares, and more.

Phot from @CampGubat

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Address: San Agustin, Bauang, La Union

Tangadan Falls

A small but majestic waterfall, this wonder of La Union offers cold and pristine freshwater along the Baroro River. The place has cottages for those who want to stay in and guests can bathe in the 40 feet cascade of the majestic falls.

Photo from @TangadanFalls

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Contact No: 0926 009 6186
Address: San Gabriel, La Union

Kapandagan Falls

Another beautiful fall in La Union, this one is a mystical fall that’s enclosed with sturdy rocks and beautiful forests. This five-tier waterfall can be adventurous to those who seek the thrill.

Photo from @KapandaganFalls

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Contact No: (065) 538 9123
Address: Brgy. Cardiz, Bagulin, La Union

Camp Wagi Nature Park

A camping park where you can view the beautiful mountain ranges along with Region 1. You can stay in the nipa hut cottages, go biking, trekking, and taking pictures of the creation of God.

Photo from @CampWagiNaturePark

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Address: Capas, Agoo La Union


Gapuz Grapes Farm

Another vineyard added to your La Union go-to’s, you can do grape-picking and purchase cuttings should you ever want to grow your own grapes. This grape farm is filled with a bountiful harvest.

Photo from @GapuzGrapesFarm

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Contact No: 0915 778 4594
Address: Bauang, La Union

Baluarte Watch Tower

Look over the beautiful places of La Union with this ancient 400-year old watchtower, a historical landmark that the Spanish built. It stands proudly on the white beach of Luna.

Photo from @BaluarteWatchTower

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Address: Victoria, La Union

Ma-Cho Temple

This Taoist temple is a trip to old age China because the whole architecture, as well as the location, is perfect for a temple! You can visit the pilgrimage and take shots while seeing the sunset.

Photo from @MaChoTemple

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Contact No: (072) 607 8911
Address: San Fernando, La Union

Bahay na Bato

A beautiful holiday house facing the ocean, this abode made of stone is perfect for your Instagram pictures. The house now stores the works and arts of Bong Kim, a Korean sculptor, and painter.

Photo from @BahayNaBato

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Contact No: (072) 700 5780
Address: Balaoan, La Union

Thunderbird Resorts & Casinos

The all-white theme of the place will make you feel like you’re on the clouds. You can have a wonderful stay at this resort with delicious food, a soothing view, and other high-class amenities.

Photo from @ThunderbirdResorts

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Contact No: 0917 113 4876
Address: San Fernando, La Union

Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel

A place with island festival vibes, this hostel is a popular place for your celebrations. You can watch the sunset, listen to music, have a nice meal, and jam with friends.

Photo from @Flotsam&JetsamHostel

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Contact No: 0917 802 1328
Address: San Juan, La Union

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