Khaku Café: A Hillside Haven in Capas, Tarlac

Khaku Cafe

In Kapampangan, ‘Kaku‘ translates to ‘mine or my.’ And after several visits, I could say that Khaku Café is now ‘my‘ absolute favorite coffee spot!

Khaku Café is one of Tarlac’s latest additions, having opened its doors in July 2022. Despite the buzz surrounding its debut, my aversion to crowds kept me away initially. After the initial frenzy subsided, my curiosity got the better of me, and we decided to pay a visit.


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Khaku Cafe Entrance

Situated in Capas, Tarlac, the café is conveniently just an hour and a half away from Clark. And thanks to the newly opened Sacobia Bridge, getting there from New Clark City is also a breeze.

Khaku Cafe

What made Khaku Café popular is its distinctive design. Nestled in Capas’ hilly terrain, instead of just situating the café atop the hill, they ingeniously integrated the hill into the café’s design.

Strengthened with stone walls and terraced, the hillside now hosts tables and chairs, offering patrons an al fresco dining experience.

Khaku Cafe

To place your order, you need to head upstairs.  Despite its popularity, I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the menu, which includes meals, snacks, pastas, coffee, and refreshers. Moreover, their rice meal is accompanied by complimentary lemonade.

Don’t worry about navigating up and down to get your orders. Once you’ve placed your order, they’ll give you a beeper. And when your order is ready, it’ll beep, and they’ll know where to serve it.

Beyond affordability, the quality and speed of service impressed me. Having frequented the café three times, I’ve yet to be disappointed. Even during peak hours, such as on Maundy Thursday, service remains swift.

Khaku Café Food Review:

  • Iced Cafe Mocha: Just the right balance, not overly sweet.
  • Ice Blended Cookies and Cream: Tasty, albeit a tad too sweet for my partner’s liking.
  • Green Apple Ade: Refreshing and my newfound favorite.
  • Blueberry Cheesecake: Exquisite, served with a dollop of cream.
  • Pesto: A personal favorite.
  • Biscoff Crunch: Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, though a bit challenging to eat.
  • Sausage Meal: Highly recommended, complemented perfectly by the refreshing lemonade.
Khaku Café’s al fresco setting offers a charming backdrop, regardless of the weather. Having visited during various conditions, including windy afternoons and illuminated evenings, I find early evening visits most enchanting. However, weather can be unpredictable, ranging from breezy to scorching.

Khaku Cafe Early Evening View

Facilities-wise, the café boasts separate male and female restrooms, along with a designated smoking area. Ample parking space is available at the rear. On busier days, a large screen is set up for musical entertainment, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Additional camping chairs and tables are provided at the lower section of the café in case of overcrowding. Guests are also welcome to bring their own camping chairs.

Khaku Cafe Selfie

In summary, Khaku Café earns my affection for its delectable yet reasonably priced fare, coupled with its picturesque setting and efficient service.

The journey of just over an hour, devoid of traffic, is an added bonus, offering a refreshing escape.

About Khaku Café

Social Media: Facebook Page
Address: Near Palublub Bridge, Capas Western Road, Tarlac

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