Kape Sinukuan + Rodriguez Nature Park Virtual Tour

Kape Sinukuan Lychee

Arayat boasts some of Pampanga’s finest tourist spots. The newest addition to this roster is Kape Sinukuan, nestled within Rodriguez Nature Park.

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We’ve been to Gintung Pakpak a bunch of times, but we never spotted Rodriguez Nature Park on the way there. We only found out about it when Kape Sinukuan opened up last October 2023.

We tried to swing by one weekend last December, just on a whim, but the café was packed. We figured we’d wait it out until the buzz died down.

Finally, after waiting six months, we made it to the famous café last March.

Rodriguez Nature Park Entrance

We’ve always enjoyed the vibe in Baliti, Arayat. The roads are clean and quiet, with plenty of speed bumps and faux ones to keep drivers in check.

Environmental and Entrance Fees

There’s usually a ₱20 environmental fee, but sometimes there’s no one collecting it. The collectors used to be near the entrance of Rodriguez Nature Park, though they may also be found at the barangay entrance from time to time.

Besides that, there’s a separate entrance fee of ₱50 per person inside the park.



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Rodriguez Nature Park Museum

At the entrance, there’s a building that looks like a museum, but I forgot to ask if it’s open to visitors. There are also tables and chairs for picnics in this area.

As mentioned, situated on the slopes of Mt. Arayat, you can either hike or drive up to the café. I chose to walk since the steps aren’t too steep.

Upon reaching the midpoint of the slopes, there’s another path you can take, consisting of 240 steps leading to their renowned Forest Sanctuary.

Rodriguez Nature Park 240 Steps

One of the things that I like here at the parks is the steps, they are small and not too steep, allowing me to take two at a time.

After the challenging hike, you’ll be greeted by this charming mini forest adorned with a beautiful bridge.


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We visited on a weekday morning, so we had the place to ourselves, enjoying the peaceful sounds of crickets, leaves, and birds chirping.

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, another treat awaits you: the coffee spot with a scenic view.

Kape Sinukuan Entrance

The Valentine’s décor was still up when we arrived. Fortunately, we got there around 10 am because although they open at 8 am, their kitchen doesn’t start serving until 10 am.

Kape Sinukuan

The café has a pavilion-like setup, with outdoor seating including tables, chairs, and kubos where you can dine in while enjoying the view.

Kape Sinukuan Menu

Since we arrived early, we had the place to ourselves. There was no line, and even though it’s not air-conditioned, the mountain breeze made it quite pleasant.

Kape Sinukuan Sausage and Bacon

The view here was really beautiful. Last time, we came in the afternoon, but it was too hot and the lighting wasn’t great, so we couldn’t get a good photo.

Kape Sinukuan Food Review:

  • Sausage: The sausage meal was enjoyable.
  • Tocino: The tocino was pretty basic, nothing particularly special about it.
  • Lychee: The lychee was refreshing and added a nice touch to the meal.

We’ll be sure to try some of their other dishes soon and update this article accordingly.

Kape Sinukuan Selfie
Left (afternoon shot) | Right ( before lunch)

Luckily, it was cloudy when we went there. So, after breakfast, we continued touring the park.

Rodriguez Nature Park View Heart

There are plenty of spots for snapping photos, with an overlooking and picturesque backdrop. The place is so beautiful; I wonder how it looks at night. We’re thinking of swinging by in the evening since they’re open until 10 pm.

Rodriguez Nature Park Sky Spot

At the back of the café, you’ll find this Tree Nest. It’s a great spot to enjoy your coffee or hang out with friends, but unfortunately, there’s no view.

Rodriguez Nature Park Tree Nest

If you venture to the right side of the park, you’ll come across their view deck, perfect for capturing some stunning photos. The 50-peso entrance fee is definitely worth it for the view.

Rodriguez Nature Park View Deck

And on this side, there’s another entrance leading to the forest sanctuary.

Our experience at Kape Sinukuan in Rodriguez Nature Park was fantastic, particularly as nature lovers. We found the food to be delicious, complemented by the breathtaking view and the serene atmosphere of the forest sanctuary, creating a truly enjoyable experience.

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