Top 10 Delicacies in Cebu

Top 10 Delicacies in Cebu

Gorgeous churches, pristine beaches, well-preserved historical monuments, tall mountain peaks, the night life. These are just some of the reasons why tourists are fascinated to visit the enchanted Queen City of the South.

But after those exhausting adventures and sight-seeing, one’s tummy needs to be filled. Lucky for our beloved foodie tourists, here are the top ten delicacies to try if you also want your tastebuds to experience an exotic adventure!

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Stephanie's Special Crispy Chicharon CarCar City Cebu
Photo from @Stephanie’s Special Crispy Chicharon CarCar City Cebu

Down south at the city of Carcar, where they boast their signature chicharron. These crispy treats that varies from chicken, beef, fish, or pork skin, is a must-try whenever you visit Cebu. It’s an ideal pasalubong for your loved ones at home.

Siomai sa Tisa

Original Siomai and Ngohiong sa Tisa
Photo from @Original Siomai and Ngohiong

Cebuanos have their own version of the famed Chinese Pork Dumplings. Siomai sa Tisa got its recognition because of its exotic taste, paired with a very special sauce that complements the dumplings’ meaty-rich flavor. Once you take a bite of this fluffy delight, better make room for some extra rice.


Ho Ngohiong Cebu
Photo from @Ho Ngohiong Cebu

Another entry for a Cebuano variant of a Chinese food, Ngohiong. The local version of Chinese Spring rolls. Ngohiong can be eaten as a side dish, or if you’re feeling snackish, just have a bunch of these rolled delight.

Dried Mangos

Cebu Best Mango Chocolate
Photo from @Cebu Best Mango Chocolate

The very popular pasalubong from Cebu is its very own dried mangos. These sweetened and dried to perfection snack will guarantee your tastebuds an adventure. As if mother nature blessed your tongue with a taste of heaven.


Photo from @ONE Pork Chicharon, Ampao & etc

Another crispy treat from Carcar, Ampaw. These rectangular puffed rice cakes with peanut on the center is a perfect on-the-road snack. If you want to fill your tummy, or if you just want some bite-sized pleasure, Ampaw is a great choice. You can buy these crumbly crisps at any bus station in Cebu.


Magic Melt Foods, Inc. - MMFI
Photo from @Magic Melt Foods, Inc. – MMFI

Otap as also a go-to pasalubong when coming home from the blessed island. It’s a puff pastry biskwit. This sugar-sprinkled sweet is very brittle and fragile that it might be a mess when you bite it. So be sure to have your labakara ready if you don’t want those brittle bits all over you.


Didang's Delicious Masareal
Photo from @Didang’s Delicious Masareal

I hope you’re not allergic to peanuts because this one’s got lots of it. Originating from Mandaue City, Cebu, these ground peanuts mixed with latik and water usually wrapped in thin pieces of paper leave a tempting taste in your mouth that makes you want to have more. Oh, and a fun fact, the name Masa Real is Spanish that literally translates to “Royal Dough.” So if you want to feel like royalty in the Queen City of the South, honor your tongue a taste.


Best Masi in Cebu
Photo from @Best Masi in Cebu

Masi, alternatively known as Peanut rice ball, is a burst of happiness in a bite-sized fluffy snack. These glutinous rice balls with muscovado and peanut-filled treat from Liloan, Cebu will surely make your inner child happy.  The contrasting textures of the filling and the dough will give your tongue a blast of flavors you haven’t tasted before.


Cebu's Famous Puso
Photo from @Cebu’s Famous Puso

One of the things that tourists tend to notice are the heart-shaped palm leaves that usually hang at the corners of the food stalls around Cebu, those are not ornaments. Those are Pusô or Hanging Rice, wrapped in a heart-shaped woven palm leaves, ideal for those who wants to eat by hand. Pusô represents the rich culture of Cebu, and it became a staple of Cebuano dishes.

Cebu’s Lechon

Boarcher Cebu Lechon House
Photo from @Boarcher Cebu Lechon House

With an island filled with Christians and fiestas, Lechon is the delicacy you’ll surely won’t miss. Nobody sets foot on Cebu without filling their stomach with this roasted delicacy that will make you forget of your blood pressure. (Please do take good care of your health. Eat moderately)

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