Celebrate Christmas at Clark Air Force City Park (2023)

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Decorations - Clark Air Base

Today, I’m thrilled to share the festive wonderland that has emerged at Clark Air Force City Park this Christmas. After a prolonged closure due to the pandemic, the park has not only reopened but has transformed into an enchanting destination for families seeking holiday cheer.

I Love Clark Air Base

Situated within the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, the park boasts an impressive display of real helicopters, fighter jets, and aviation equipment used by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the United States. The park is not only a haven for aviation enthusiasts but also a haven for nature lovers with its jogging and biking paths.

Clark Air Force City Belen

As you drive down Clark Air Base road, you’re welcomed by a magnificent Belen, setting the tone for the Christmas extravaganza that awaits you. The park offers ample parking, shaded areas, and a promise of joyous festivities.

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Enchanting Booths for All Ages

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Village

On the right, upon entering the park is this booth featuring beautiful Parols (star-shaped Christmas lanterns) and large oil cans adorned with playful characters like deers, minions, panda, SpongeBob, and more.

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Village

The next booth showcases a colossal spider with a Belen nestled beneath it.

Clark Air Force City - AFRC

The succeeding booth features two air force soldiers offering salutes at the entrance, complemented by a Belen, a Christmas tree, and an intricately detailed walk path.

Clark Air Force City - AFRC

This pink Christmas Castle beckons with an inviting entrance adorned with lollipops and candies, creating an irresistible allure. Venture inside, where a fascinating array of military displays unfolds, offering visitors insights into the remarkable endeavors of the Air Force.

Clark Air Force City - Innovators

Encourage young scientists at the Innovators booth, designed to inspire curiosity and creativity. With astronaut and spaceship photo booth, it offers a space for kids to imagine themselves reaching for the stars.

Clark Air Force City - StalCbucks

Another booth beckons with snowmen and a beautiful triangle structure, creating the ideal backdrop for selfies. Families can capture picture-perfect moments amidst the festive decorations.

Aviation Marvels

Clark Air Force City - Huey

One standout exhibit is the UH-1H “Huey,” a helicopter with a rich history dating back to the Vietnam War.

Clark Air Force City -Vought F8 Crusader

The park also houses the Vought F-8 Crusader, a carrier-based fighter with a sophisticated weapons delivery system. Its presence is a testament to the rich military history within these grounds.

Clark Air Force City - Trojan

The T-28 “Trojan” (Tora-Tora) is another highlight, once used for training cadet pilots and later in missions against secessionists.

At the heart of the park, a giant Christmas Tree steals the spotlight. Composed of large gifts, it becomes a central gathering point.

Clark Air Force City - Children's Park

One of the park’s noteworthy features is the availability of seats both inside and outside the booths. You can also bring your own mats for a cozy picnic while the little ones explore the children’s playground.

Bloom and Brew Cafe

And for those who forgot to bring their own food, the Bloom & Brew Cafe inside the park offers appetizing meals and refreshing drinks.

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Nighttime Marvels

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Village at Night

As night falls, the park undergoes a magical transformation.

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Village StalCbucks at night

Floodlights illuminate every corner, ensuring the park is a well-lit wonderland.

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Village Eagle at Night

The booths, aircraft, and decorations come alive with vibrant colors, setting the stage for a breathtaking nocturnal experience.

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Spider at NIght

The giant spider, a momentarily spine-chilling sight is now transformed into a whimsical wonder. Despite its imposing size, the spider sports a cheerful Santa hat and cradles a charming Belen beneath it. Giant lollipops adorn its surroundings, ensuring that kids, despite the initial scare, find joy and sweetness in this unexpected holiday creature.

Clark Air Force City - Fighter Jet at Night

Witness the Vought Fighter Jet don a new persona at night, with Christmas lights outlining its majestic form. It becomes a beacon of elegance, adding to the park’s nighttime allure.

Clark Air Force City - Innovators Booth at night

As the night unfolds, the Innovators booth takes on a celestial glow. The astronaut photo booth becomes a portal to the cosmos, allowing kids to envision themselves as space explorers.

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Castle at Night

The pink Christmas Castle comes to life at night, radiating brightness with lighted Santa and snowman figures. It becomes a captivating beacon, drawing families in with its warm and festive glow.

Clark Air Force City - Trojan at Night

The Trojan aircraft at night takes on a captivating aura with Christmas lights delicately tracing its silhouette.

Clark Air Force City - Christmas Tree at Night

Also, of course don’t miss the enchanting centerpiece – the giant Christmas Tree illuminated with dancing and colorful lights.

While the park may not be crowded now, preparations are underway for an influx of visitors. Food booths (I think) are being set up to accommodate the growing crowd, ensuring that everyone can indulge in festive treats.

Clark Air Force City Park Details

What are you waiting for? Embrace the festive spirit at Clark Air Force City Park—where the entrance is free. Grab your mats, pack some delicious treats, bring your camera or bike, and make unforgettable memories in this enchanting haven.

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