Carron Dreampark Guide – Hidden Gem in Nueva Ecija

Carron Dream Park

Got nowhere to go for the weekend? Head to the place where dreams are real! 

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet very fun way to spend time with your family, amusement parks may just be the ones you’re looking for! Carron Dream Park is an amusement park located in San Isidro, Nueva Ecija built only in 2012.

It takes pride as one of the first theme parks in Central Luzon.

The entire family will enjoy wandering around the park, which features 14 rides and 8 mini-games. Don’t worry about the rides being too scary for your kids, though! Most of the rides here are kid-friendly.

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Carron Dream Park Operating Days and Hours

Carron Dream Park is open Monday to Sunday, from 3 p.m. to 10 pm.


Carron Dream Park Entrance Fee:

You can enter the park for only Php 100.00. Entrance to rides, of course, is not yet included.

The rate for rides and mini-games ranges from Php 40.00-50.00, which is still a sweet deal if you ask me!

If you want to opt for the ride-all-you-can promo, you will be charged Php 350.00 at the entrance.

Carron Dream Park Rides 

No amusement park is complete with rides! Carron Park has over 14 rides, mostly made for kids! Teens and parents, don’t worry, though! They still have some rides that may be for your enjoyment. 

Dream Wheel

Every theme park has to have one. This Ferris wheel ride features 14 gondolas and can take you up to 18 meters high, giving you a great view of the entire theme park.

Carron Dreampark - Dream Wheel


This is a favorite among theme park enthusiasts. Carron Dream Park’s version of this swinging ride features a 24-seating capacity and a swing height that’s high enough for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Carron Dreampark - Viking

Bumper Car

Release your competitive side by bumping into your friends’ or families’ cars in this ride. Each car can carry up to two people, so grab your best buddy and be ready to have fun!

Carron Dreampark - Bumber Car
Photo from @Carron Dreampark

Merry Wheel

If you’re with kids who still don’t seem to enjoy the concept of heights, the Merry Wheel is a great substitute for the Dream Wheel. Fair warning for the parents, though, it does move faster than the Dream Wheel.

Carron Dreampark - Merry Wheel

Convoy Track

If your kids are fond of animals, this ride is for them! This ride features a circular track with jungle animals settled in the middle of the ride.

Carron Dreampark - Convoy Track
Photo from @Carron Dreampark

Other Rides


Carron Dream Park Games

If you’re feeling lucky or just a tad bit confident in your skills in mini-games, Carron Dream Park has over 8 types of mini-games around the park to get you entertained! 


Test your Physics skills by throwing a ball inside a bucket and making sure that it stays inside the bucket. Two or three consecutive successful throws entitles you to a prize! 

Carron Dreampark - Bucket Ball
Photo from @Carron Dreampark

Shooting Tiles

Think you’ve got what it takes to be a sharpshooter? If you think so, then this mini-game is made for you! Takedown the target set by the park staff and you’ll get to take home a special prize! 

Carron Dreampark - Shooting Tiles
Photo from @Carron Dreampark

Tic Tac Toe

This game is simple enough. Outwit your opponent by being the first one to connect three Xs or Os in a line. The catch is… you’ll have to throw the ball into the game area from a distance. Think you can still outsmart your opponent, then? 

Carron Dreampark - Tic tac toe
Photo from @Carron Dreampark

Balloon Darts

If you have a sharp eye and good dart skills, Balloon Darts is a game you have to try! From a distance, you’d have to throw a dart at the lined balloons. If you were able to pop some balloons, you get to take home a prize! 

Carron Dreampark - Balloon Darts
Photo from @Carron Dreampark

Hit or Miss

The mini-game stays true to its name. You either hit it or miss it. You get a chance to take down the stacked red cups by throwing a ball at them. If you hit it, you get a prize. 

Carron Dreampark - Hit or Miss
Photo from @Carron Dreampark

Other Things to Do

If you don’t feel like taking a ride on one of the park’s many attractions, there are also plenty of other ways to have a good time

With numerous selfie backgrounds, it’s an awesome opportunity for families to have some quality time together and capture memories that’ll last forever!

Carron Dreampark

And if you have a furry friend, bringing them over to the Furry Tails Corner is also a great way to let them take in some fresh air and get some exercise.


Kids can have a blast going around on their hoverboards, playing tag, and running around the vast area of wide open fields. Alternatively, they can spend time in the Kids Party Ave with its slides and tubes where they can let their imagination run wild as they engage in hours of imaginative play.


And of course, there’s nothing like the classic stroll around the park – no matter what age you are, it’s sure to bring joy and relaxation while admiring all of the beautiful sights and lights Carron Dreampark has to offer.


How to Get to Carron Dream Park

Via Public Transportation

If you’re from Manila, there are numerous buses that travel from Manila to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija daily. Bus terminals to Cabanatuan are usually found in Cubao, Pasay, or Caloocan. 

If you’re from Baguio or North Luzon, there are buses that travel to Cabanatuan from Baguio as well. However, you might want to check the bus liner’s schedule. Vans are also available for visitors coming from Baguio. 

Alight at Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, and go to the City Transport Terminal. From there, ride a public transportation vehicle to San Isidro, Nueva Ecija. 

Via Private Car

Get a GPS application and type in Carron Dream Park in the search bar. You would be cruising through major roads, like NLEX and SCTEX, so be ready for toll and parking fees. 

Where to eat near Carron Dream Park

Carron Dreampark Food Court

After enjoying the excitement and thrills at the Carron Dreampark, make sure to stop off at their food court!

One of the best things about Carron Dreampark is that the food is affordable. There are a lot of options to choose from like takoyaki, fried noodles, silog meals, and snacks like popcorn and fries.

But if you prefer to eat outside Carron there are a lot of options too. Luckily, Nueva Ecija is one of the provinces in the country which offers really great cuisine! Check out some of the restaurants and food outlets around the area. 

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Bakeshops and Cafés.

Once you’re done satisfying your savory cravings, it’s time to give in to your sweet tooth!

Whether you’re looking for a café or bakeshop to relax after a long trip, or to simply satisfy your cravings, San Isidro has a lot to offer when it comes to these food outlets. Some of the cafés you should visit in the area are Retro Street Café, Fab Caffe, Shai’s Confections, and Café Maharlika. 

Retro Streat Cafe
Photo from @Retro Streat Cafe

Where to stay near Carron Dream Park 

The travel from Manila, or Baguio, to Cabanatuan, can already get very tiring.

On top of that, you’re heading to a theme park, which will obviously take much of your time and energy! As Nueva Ecija has several tourist attractions as well, there are a lot of lodgings and accommodations that you can find around the province. 


Hotels are great if you’re planning for a staycation with a trip to Carron Dream Park on the side. San Isidro is also one of the quieter towns in Nueva Ecija. This means that hotels are a lot cheaper than the ones found in major cities. Some big hotels near town are Microtel by Wyndham, Sierra Casas Hotel, La Victoria Hotel, and a lot more. 


If you’re just looking for a place to stay at night, spending the night at an inn is a great way to get some rest and save money! 

Carron Dream Park Tips and Tricks

Bring water and extra clothes.

Food and drinks inside a theme park can get expensive, so it’s best for guests to bring their own water bottles before they enter the area. On top of that, the heat may not be friendly to most of us, so bring an extra set of clothes just in case! 


Avoid the weekends if you don’t want crowds.

Summer is right around the corner, and so are the kids’ vacation days! This means that weekends tend to get extra crowded. If you want to avoid big crowds and long queues, the weekday is the best time to go. 

Carron Dreampark Official.
Photo from @Carron Dreampark Official

In addition to that, if you’re bringing your own vehicle, I suggest that you visit the park late around 6pm to 7pm. Peak hours is nor

Bring an umbrella.

If you’re visiting early or in the summer, make sure to bring an umbrella. The heat can tire you out even when you’re just sitting around! It’s also best if you can bring a hand fan or a portable electric fan to keep the sweat out of your face. 

Carron Dreampark Official
Photo from @Carron Dreampark Official

In conclusion…

Most of the rides are made for the little ones’ enjoyment, but there are also heart-stopping rides that adults can enjoy, making it a family-friendly amusement park! Write Carron Dream Park on your bucket list and plan a visit to the park soon! 

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