Best Camping Sites Near Metro Manila

Best Camping Sites Near Metro Manila

Camping is one option for people who want to disconnect from urban life and reconnect with nature. As there are a variety of choices, looking for campsites to unwind can be a taxing experience.

There are a lot of things to consider, such as budget, amenities, and usually the distance. The bustling city life is already stressful. Why stress yourself more by looking for campsites when we have already listed the best campsites near Metro Manila?

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Best Campsites near Metro Manila

WK Forest Reserve & Campgrounds

WK Forest Reserve & Campgrounds 1
Photo from FB/@wkforestcamp

Get lost in the woods, destress, and breathe easily at this campsite that offers a vast space where campers can set up their tents, have fun activities, let their pets roam free, and comfortably watch the night skies.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: P82J+XQV, Sta. Ines Road, Antipolo, Rizal
Contact No.: 0917 656 0170

Windfarm Nature Escape

Windfarm Nature Escape 
Photo from

Watch the sunset and the mountain views while you take a sip of your coffee and enjoy the tranquil ambience at Windfarm Nature Escape. Previous campers highly recommend this campsite’s breakfast and coffee, which is only reassuring if you’re a coffee lover and a foodie with a taste.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: Monte Alegre St., Sitio Bugarin 1910, Pililla
Contact No.: 0939 290 5925

Batis ng Kalikasan

Batis ng Kalikasan 
Photo from Fb/batisngkalikasan

One of the simplest forms of camping is setting up a tent beside a river stream. That you can easily do at Batis ng Kalikasan Campsite. Away from the city noise, campers can enjoy quality time with friends and family and relax to the sound of the stream at this campsite.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: Barangay Sitio Calangay Kalye Putol Sta. Maria Laguna
Contact No.: 0968 851 0810

Kalikasan Campsite

Kalikasan Campsite
Photo from fb/Kalikasan Campsite

Are you a bookworm looking for a quiet time? Then this camping site is the one for you. Kalikasan campsite comes with a mini library and cozy sofas, which will surely entice bookworms. This campsite also has cottages that are furnished to give you Bali vibes, completing the package of genuine relaxation.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: Brgy. Sto. Niño Tanay, Rizal
Contact Info:

Tara Camping

Tara Camping Cavite - Camp Site Near Manila
Photo from fb/@tarakamping

With complete provision of kitchen utensils, savor your breakfast in a greenfield surrounded by banana trees and coconut trees at the Tara Camping Site. This campsite comes with a mini pool and a modernist white cabin house where campers can rest comfortably.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: Sitio Putol, Caluangan Magallanes, Cavite
Contact No.: 0991 851 3702

Singalong Nature Campsite

Singalong Nature Campsite Near Manila

Looking for a campsite closer to the mountains? This campsite will make you fully immersed in nature. This camping site offers traditional and cozy huts, mesmerizing views of the mountains, mini falls, natural pools, and a lot of fun activities, such as taking a kawa bath with herbal leaves and visiting the mountain peaks.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: Sitio Singalong, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo, Rizal
Contact No.: 0948 436 2244

Kaliraya Surf Kamp

Kaliraya Surf Kamp
Photo from fb/@KalirayaSurfKamp

Aside from the glorious view of the lake, this campsite’s amenities will satisfy adventurous campers, as there are a lot of activities to choose from, such as kayaking and riding a jet ski. Karilaya Surf Kamp is a perfect venue for big events such as weddings and corporate events.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: Brgy. West Talaongan 4014 Cavinti, Laguna
Contact No.: 0960 849 7923

Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite

Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite
Photo from fb/@kutabungliw

Isolated from the busy city, campers can have a meaningful rest in nature at Kuta Bungliw Eco Lodge and Campsite. This campsite offers a lot of amenities, such as overlooking view decks, grottos, prayer rooms, dipping pools, and plenty of instagrammable spots.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: Daraitan, Tanay, Rizal boundary Pagsangahan, General Nakar, Quezon
Contact No.: 0977 399 6151

Wild Tuktuk River Camp

Wild Tuktuk River Camp Near Manila
Photo from fb/@wildtuktukcamp

Looking for a real camping experience at a cheaper price? For only 100 pesos, you can chill and experience nature at this campsite. This campsite is perfect for expert campers seeking to experience raw camping.

The Wild Tuktuk River campsite has no electricity provision and promises a pure-nature experience. Campers can also experience a free fish spa from this campsite’s river stream.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: Brgy. Halang Amadeo, Cavite

The Private Camp Daraitan

The Private Camp Daraitan
Photo from fb/@theprivatecampdaraitan

This comes with a cozy cottage with mood lights and an open field perfect for bonfires, friends’ and family’s activities, and watching the night skies. This campsite is also beside a river where campers can swim and fish.

The Private Camp Daraitan is also near local tourist spots, such as the Mt. Daraitan summit, so campers can decide to go on a little bit of hiking.

Social Media: Facebook
Address: S Dela Carzada Street, Tanay, Rizal
Contact No.: 0976 049 6064

Having a day-off once in a while is not a bad thing. And what better way to truly experience what’s important in life than by being in nature? Camping, whatever the distance, guarantees a purposeful rest time and a reconnection with oneself. To quote Alan Watts, “If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything.”

Planning on visiting one of these campsites? This is your sign! Seize the day, relax, and don’t forget to share with us your memorable times at one of these sites.

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