Cafétana PH in Sitio Baag, San Jose, Tarlac | Virtual Tour + Review

Cafetana PH Entrance

New Zealand? Think again. Would you believe this coffee shop is right here in Tarlac!

Cafetana PH View 5

And with the newly opened Sacobia Bridge, traveling to New Clark City and San Jose Tarlac is a breeze. That’s why there’s nothing stopping us from heading to one of our favorite coffee shops, Cafétana PH.


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Cafétana is open exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays, which limits our weekday options.

And frequented by riders from Manila and tourists visiting Monasterio de Tarlac, the café tends to be bustling, especially during the early morning and afternoon when the sun isn’t too intense.

That’s why, to steer clear of the crowds, we typically aim for a visit around noon.

Cafetana PH Stickers

Fortunately, it’s situated in the hilly region of San Jose. This means that even during our last visit in the scorching summer heat at noon, the cool breeze at its high altitude made the experience quite enjoyable.

Cafetana PH View 2

To access the café, you’ll need to enter RDC Nature Farm and Campsite, which requires a fee of 50 pesos, up from the previous 20 pesos entrance fee.

Nonetheless, this fee is minimal compared to what awaits inside the RDC farm.

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The café is a quaint hut with windows that offer picturesque views of the rolling hills of Sitio Baag.

Cafetana PH View

They also provide outdoor seating since the indoor space tends to fill up quickly during peak hours.

Cafetana PH Seats

As for the menu, their drinks and food are quite reasonably priced. While they don’t offer full meals, RDC farm’s Mamitas silog provides various breakfast options.

The café serves hot coffee, cold bottled drinks, fruit tea, and snacks to cater to diverse tastes.

Cafetana PH Menu 1

As someone who isn’t a regular coffee drinker, on our first visit, we opted for their famous chocolate drink and a fruit tea (though I can’t recall the specific flavor).

Cafétana PH in Sitio Baag, San Jose, Tarlac Selfie
This is us after strolling inside RDC.

The second time, we tried a mocha and chocolate again.

The aroma of the mocha was so enticing that I couldn’t resist taking a sip. It was delicious and strong, which unfortunately kept me awake that night.

So, on our third visit, we decided to refresh ourselves with their Lychee and Green apple drinks instead.

Cafétana PH Food Review

  • Chicken Pops: Sadly, they were a bit bland and on the tough side.
  • Fries: Cheese and sour cream flavor, devoured in no time.
  • Coffee: Strong! Kept me wide awake.
  • Cookies: Absolutely worth every bite!
  • Chocolate: Always a treat! Can’t go wrong with their chocolate.
  • Lychee: Refreshing, especially on a hot day.
  • Green Apple: A personal favorite of mine, and it was recommended by one of the staff!

We’ll try some of their snacks and drinks next time and update this review. However, overall, the food was great and reasonably priced.

And trust me, you’ll love soaking in the beautiful views both inside and outside the café.

Cafetana PH View 3

Regarding facilities, I can’t confirm the availability of restrooms at Cafétana, but RDC farm offers restroom access for a small fee of 5 pesos (not sure if this changed). However, the restrooms there are a bit cramped for my liking, so I always ensure I’ve used the restroom before going there.

Cafétana PH Details

View their Facebook Page
Contact No: +63 938 793 4372
Address: Sitio Baag, San Jose, Tarlac 

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