Best Coffee Shops in Baguio for Coffeeholic Travelers!

Best Coffee Shops In Baguio For Coffeeholic Travelers

Baguio is best known for its colder climate and scenic mountain views, but it’s also home to some of the best coffee shops in the country.

These shops source their beans from local farmers, ensuring that every cup is fresh and full of flavor. They also offer a variety of brewing methods, so whether you prefer your coffee iced or hot, there’s a perfect cup waiting for you in Baguio.

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10 Cafe’s in Baguio to Indulge In

From intimate cafes tucked away in the city’s winding streets to grandiose mountain-view restaurants, there’s a coffee shop to suit every taste in Baguio. So if you’re looking for the best coffee when you visit Baguio City, be sure to visit one of these cafes below.

Cafe By The Ruins

A picturesque, rustic Filipino-style coffee with an open space to enjoy the view of Baguio when you take a sip of your favorite hot drinks. Other than tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, they have Filipino meals and appetizers with a twist.

Cafe By The Ruins in Baguio
Photo from @CafeByTheRuins Best Cafes in Baguio

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Contact No: (074) 442 4010
Address: Shuntug Road, Baguio City

Bride and Coffee

Enter this coffee-wedding boutique shop with grace as you prepare for your own wedding! You can have the dresses as a view and enjoy your favorite baked goods along with a hot brewed coffee. 

Bride and Coffee Baguio
Photo from @BrideandCoffee

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Contact No: 0945 407 9067
Address: Lopez Building, Session Road, Baguio City

Il-lengan Cafe

Bring your coffee buddy to this wooden haven-designed coffee shop. They also serve pasta and baby back ribs for the hungry ones coming in.

Il-lengan Cafe Baguio
Photo from @IlLenganCafe Best Cafes in Baguio

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Contact No: 0997 800 5944
Address: Rimando Road, Baguio City


They offer chocolate-filled goodness especially sikwate or Filipino Hot Chocolate with marshmallows. Meals are not a concern here, because you’ll have a tasty Filipino meal such as grilled pork, chicharon, pasta, and baked goods all infused with chocolate!

Tsokolateria Baguio

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Contact No: 0936 518 7410
Address: Igorot Stairs, Upper Session Road, Baguio City

Beans Talk Bistro

Get your dose of cake and other sweet cravings when you go to this beautiful modern cafe. They have coffee, cakes, ice cream, shakes, milk tea, cupcakes, and other baked goods!

Beans Talk Bistro Baguio City
Photo from @BeansTalkBistro

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Contact No: (074) 422 3637
Address: Session Road, Baguio City

Generation Y Café

Now, this is a cafe that sound hip because it is designed to reflect the 90’s vibe. They don’t really have coffee and hot drinks but they have milkshakes and pasta, appetizers, rice, and ala carte meals to fill your tummy.

Generation Y Café
Photo from @GenerationYCafe

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Contact Email:
Address:  3rd Floor Leonard Wood Terraces, Leonard Wood Road, Baguio City

Coffee Library Baguio

If you want to unleash your inner book nerd while drinking coffee, this is your go-to place in Baguio. Other than good coffee, they have delicious sandwiches, soup bowls, brunch, and lunch boxes.

Coffee Library Baguio
Photo from @CoffeeLibraryBaguio

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Contact No: 0908 780 6759
Address: Rex Hall, Baguio City

Recess Resto Cafe

Yes, it’s recess! Take a break from all your hustling or sightseeing when you enjoy the delicious meals (Filipino, Japanese, and American food) and drinks (hot and cold coffee) in this rustic-themed restaurant and cafe.

Recess Resto Cafe
Photo from @RecessRestoCafe

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Contact No: 0917 136 9535
Address: Lower Session Road, Baguio City

M&N Viewdeck Cafe

Enjoy a breathtaking view and hold special events in this cafe. They serve highland coffee, milk tea, frappes, smoothies, chocolate drinks, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, desserts in a tub, cakes, and chips.

M&N Viewdeck Cafe Baguio
Photo from @M&NViewdeckCafe Cafe’s in Baguio

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Contact No: 0939 287 5622
Address: Eastern Link Circumferential Road, Kadaclan, Loakan-Apugan, Baguio City

Villa Granjero Cafe/Kape Kuma

A cool and cozy place to lounge in while drinking your favorite cup of coffee and eat pasta and other mouthwatering meals, this cafe is for you If you’re bringing your squad or kids, you can order them milk tea!

Villa Granjero Cafe Kape Kuma
Photo from @VillaGranjeroCafe

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Contact No: 0908 284 5790
Address: OYO Hotel Elegant, 421 Magsaysay-Happy Homes, Old Lucban, Baguio City


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