10 Butuan Tourist Spots

10 Butuan Tourist Spots

Butuan was a pre-colonial Philippine state located in the current city of Butuan in what is now the southern Philippines, on the northern Mindanao Island. In this land, you can expect to find magnificent ancient cultures. Better check these places once you visit there!

Top 10 Butuan Tourist Spots

Butuan National Museum

Butuan National Museum Eastern-Northern Mindanao
Photo from @National Museum Eastern-Northern Mindanao

The National Museum in Butuan City is one of the city’s most prominent tourist attractions. It houses some historical objects and antiquities from the area. All visitors can enjoy the museum’s various archaeological, ethnographic, and historical collections for free.

Agusan River

Agusan River fron Butuan City PIO
Photo from @Butuan City PIO

The Agusan River is a popular tourist attraction in Butuan. It has a variety of fun activities for families, friends, and lovers. The Agusan River Park and the Maharlika Bridge are two of the most popular attractions.

Delta Discovery Park

Delta Discovery Park
Photo from @Delta Discovery Park

Butuan’s Delta Discovery Park is a popular tourist destination. It is a park with lovely gardens and plenty of natural attractions. Additionally, recreational activities like riding, bird watching, and hiking are available. But this park is known for boasting Asia’s longest zipline!

 Magellan’s Landing Site

Photo From @AmazingButuan

The Magellan’s Landing Site in Butuan City is a must-see for visitors. This place is thought to be where Ferdinand Magellan landed and anchored his ship in Masao Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte. The spot is marked by a plaque and a marker.

Mt. Mayapay

Mt. Mayapay from Pinoy Mountaineer
Photo from @Pinoy Mountaineer

Mount Mayapay is a popular trekking location in the Philippines’ Agusan del Norte province. The mountain rises to 675 meters and features a stunning table head summit. For hundreds of years, the flat summit of Mt. Mayapay has served as a landmark for Butuan City. The panorama at the summit will take your breath away!

Nipa Wine Distillery

Butuan’s Nipa Wine Distillery is a must-see tourist attraction. The country’s first and only wine distillery is located here. The wine made from the nipa palm that grows there is known as “laksoy.” Don’t forget to try one!

The Banza Church Ruins

Banza Church Ruins from Butuan City PIO
Photo from @Butuan City PIO

Butuan City’s Banza Church Ruins are a must-see tourist attraction. It is the original church site built in the 16th century by Spanish missionaries. The massive red brick remains to stand out against the lush flora of the surrounding area. In the park-like atmosphere, you can have a relaxing picnic.

Balangay Shrine Museum

The Balangay Shrine Museum in Butuan is a cultural and historical museum dedicated to the Philippines. Exhibits on the ancient maritime trade between Southeast Asia and China and local Butuan culture and art are on show in the museum. Because it is located in Butuan City, it is very accessible.

Tapnigue view park

Tapnigue View Park
Photo from @Tapnigue View Park

Tapnigue View Park in Agusan del Norte offers breathtaking views of the surrounding lush green forest and attractive mountains, and the presence of historic Mt. Mayapay. This is among the many resorts springing up along the Agusan Valley’s expansive Butuan and Buenavista borders.

Alicia’s Ridge

Alicia’s Ridge
Photo from @Alicia’s Ridge

A wide range of mountain views and different perspectives of spots for photography can be found in Alicia’s Ridge. Great place for holding prenup weddings and a campsite for nature trippers!

Butuan City is where you need to drop by with the whole family and friends. Celebrate life in Butuan City!

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