Best Tourist Spots in Laguna

Imagine wide open spaces, fields of grass, the smell of crisp, clean air. The pandemic taught us how these things are what luxury truly is. Do you need these luxuries that Mother Nature lovingly gives for free? Head on to Laguna! Laguna is one of the nearest provinces to Manila. Here are the 10 best spots in Laguna that are worth visiting.

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Best Tourist Spots in Laguna

Nuvali Parks

Nuvali Parks - Tourist Spot in Laguna
Photo from @NUVALIOfficial

Let’s bring you back to the 90s where you can just bring a pretty blanket, your snacks inside a native basket and set up a picnic on the grass with your loved ones. Bask under the shade of majestic Acacia trees that are planted everywhere in this area. Kids can run around freely, feed koi, watch birds, and just slow down. Dine al fresco before heading back to Manila. Let Nuvali give you a refresh.

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Camp N

Camp N
Photo from @NuvaliCampN

Calling all bikers and adventurous folks! Camp N is still inside Nuvali. It offers bike trails for beginners, advanced bikers, even for kids! Take your bike or rent from them, breathe in and have a great time!

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Sta Elena Fun Farm

Sta Elena Fun Farm Laguna Tourist Spots
Photo from @TheFunFarmatStaElena

Cabuyao has this hidden gem called Sta Elena Fun Farm. It is a huge, spacious area that offers animal feeding, ziplining, boating, fishing, giant rope playgrounds, elevated huts, jungle gyms and more! You can ride a carriage pulled by a carabao (they can go surprisingly fast,) ride a horse, or have a picnic. The activities are endless.

This place is so big, that adults and kids can run at their top speeds and won’t have to worry about bumping anything. Imagine how kids’ imaginations can soar being in a place like this. Sta Elena Fun Farm is the ultimate place for active kids, nature seeking parents, or anyone who loves nature.

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Contact: 0920 913 1349
Address: Pulo-Diezmo Rd 4026 Santa Rosa, Philippines

Mt Makiling

Mt Makiling Laguna Tourist Spots
Photo from @mtmakilingrecreationcenter

Ever heard of Maria Makiling? Way before Te Fiti of Moana was introduced to the big screen, us Filipinos have our very own “diwata” or goddess who is the namesake of this beautiful volcano. Easily seen from different parts of Laguna, Mt Makiling is for hikers and bikers who want to enjoy breathtaking views, be enveloped by trees, and just go back to being one with nature.

Legend says that Maria Makiling disappeared because she was gravely disappointed by humans’ misuse and abuse of her gifts. Take heed and respect your trek should you visit this beautiful space.


Liliw Laguna Tourist Spots
Photo from @LiliwTurismo

Tsinelas (slippers) capital of the Philippines, Liliw is such a sweet old town you would want to visit. Shop for authentic handmade espadrilles and other kinds of footwear (there are so many choices!) Take a selfie with the giant tsinelas in their town plaza, eat some local delicacies, and visit St John the Baptist Church. It is an iconic Church in Liliw with beautiful Baroque architecture.

Plus points if you happen to visit during their week-long Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas festival. Be surrounded by a parade of colors and see these artists who masterfully craft these footwear for all of us lucky customers.Pagsanjan Falls

Have you ever been beside a waterfall? It is silence and loud noise at the same time, harmony and chaos combined. Sometimes it is easy to take these things for granted because places like Pagsanjan Falls have always been around; but go and visit and you’ll see how beautiful this body of water can be.

Costales Nature Farms

Costales Nature Farms
Photo from @costalesnaturefarms

Farm to plate food? Agri-tourism? Farm tours? Costales Nature Farms is one of the first ones to offer these. Thankfully, they still continue to do so. Enjoy farm tours, fishing, harvesting and making your own salad, eating absolutely fresh meals, meeting animals, even swimming at the Majayjay Falls when you go visit!

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Contact: 0917 512 3605
Address: Brgy Gagalot 4005 Majayjay, Philippines

The Lake House Caliraya

The Lake House Caliraya Laguna Tourist Spots

Being away from the city and its lights, here you’ll see billions of stars at night. Beautiful and inviting dining spaces, a huge wooden cabin to stay and sleep in, a view of the calm lake, a bonfire at night for some bbq and s’mores. Need I say more?

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Address: The Lake House Parking Area 4014 Lumban

Farm Shed Cafe

Farm Shed Cafe

Best Coffee Shop in the world? One of the best, for sure. This quaint and cozy cafe houses artworks by its Waldorf community, offers the best tasting coffee, delicious, organic snacks, and delectable, homemade pastries and cakes. It’s a secret that you now know. Swing by when you’re in Sta Rosa. This place can easily be your next favorite.

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Address: Acacia Waldorf School, Hacienda Sta. Elena, 4026 Santa Rosa

Hidden Valley Springs

Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna

Trees, those trees! In Hidden Valley Springs, Amlang trees are as tall as skyscrapers; ferns, varieties of palm trees are 20 feet tall or more. Every indoor plant we have been familiar with, they have it there but make it supersized.

Beautiful, vibrant, colorful flowers are scattered everywhere in this dreamy wonderland. Exotic birds, fruit trees, this place is a fairy landscape, a total escape from reality.

Cold, warm, and hot spring waters flow through their pools. Imagine swimming and floating in clean, clear, and pure water in the exact temperature you prefer. This is as close as we can get in being in a mystical garden filled with nature’s secrets.

 Address: Calauan Laguna

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