10 Best Restaurants in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

Tapawarma Sablayan

Looking for places to eat and the best restaurants in Sablayan after visiting Apo Reef Natural Park? Here are the best Sablayan restaurants where you can dine! 

10 Best restaurants in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro

Ian Jole’s Camalig Restaurant

Camalig restaurant is the most visited restaurant and catering service in Sablayan. The restaurant is popular in the town for its reputable food, quality services, and fresh ambiance. There are also “Eat-all-you-can” promos that you can get for only Php120. What are you waiting for? Try this place now.

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Contact No: 0926 355 3600
Address: C.Salvo Street, Buenavista Sablayan

GVD Kubo Restaurant

GVD Kubo Restaurant Sablayan
Photo from @Sablayan.net

One of the longest-running restaurants in the town is GVD Kubo restaurant. This place is located near the Sablayan Town Plaza and Sablayan Museum. From the name itself, GVD Kubo restaurant is famous for its Kubo Huts. You will love eating good food here surrounded by your favorite people in a classic, homey, Kubo hut. Such a memorable experience awaits you!

Mylits Resto Bar

Another good place to dine in when visiting Sablayan is Mylits Resto Bar. The restaurant has just been newly renovated emphasizing its modern interior design against the natural backdrop of the nearby Tabuk river. Check this place now and enjoy a good view with your loved ones.

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Contact No: 0998 852 5177
Address: 804 Gozar St. Buenavista, Sablayan

Foodie’s Crib

After traveling around the beautiful town of Sablayan, you can drop by Foodie’s crib and enjoy a satisfying ‘merienda’. The interior of the place has an artistic touch of decorated wall designs that will make your dining more pleasant. They also have budget-friendly meals and must-try dishes. Any foodie is welcome here, and so are you!

Photo from @Foodie’s Crib

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Contact No: 0936 911 8718
Address: P.Urieta St., Sablayan

Pizza Alpeo

Pizza Alpeo is a homegrown pizza parlor in the town of Sablayan. They offer a variety of appetizing bites in thin and pan layered pizza. Their dough is freshly prepared every day and toppings are carefully selected to satisfy every customer’s craving. You’ll love this new pizzeria in town. Check it out now. 

Photo from @Pizza Alpeo

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Contact No: 0999 845 8811
Address: Capt. E. Lising St., Brgy. Pag-asa, Sablayan

Lot’s a pizza and Zagu

Who isn’t craving a mouthwatering and flavorful pizza meal? Well, Lot’s a pizza and Zagu diner in Sablayan will surely fulfill your cravings. They offer different flavors of pizza such as Pure Beef special, Chicken Beef Pepperoni and Mushroom, Garden Harvest, and many more. You can also request to deliver the pizza to your doorstep. Try this out now!

Tapawarma Sablayan

Get your taste buds blown with this fusion of classic Pinoy Tapa and shawarma in one bite. Meals start at a very affordable price. Don’t miss the chance to visit Tapawarma Sablayan when you’re in town. 

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Contact No: 0965 890 6011
Address: P. Urieta St., Sablayan

The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse is a bed and diner that offers fast food to fine dining services. At the Guesthouse, they grow their own veggie, and rabbit meats are grown organic. They offer a wide range of menus and they get fully booked during seasons. 

Try this diner now, and feel like a guest-at-home in the town of Sablayan.

Photo from @The Guesthouse

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Contact No: 0927 444 2439
Address: AJMONINA Building, Sablayan

Rice to meet u

Rice to meet u Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes from seafood, beef, pork, and veggies. You can never go wrong in ordering their silog meals, too. Come and visit this place and you will definitely say ‘nice to meet you’ to people after dining here.


Yes! You are not mistaken. The store may seem too common for people living in cities, but this fast-food restaurant has been the talk of the town until now. The store only opened in 2018 but loyal customers have been lining up since its opening. The best seller meals include Jollibee’s famous chicken joy, partnered with burgers, fries, and spaghetti on the sides.

Photo from @Jollibee

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Contact No: 8-7000
Address: Brgy. Buenavista, Sabalayan, Occidental Mindoro

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