10 Best Pasalubong From Laguna: Delicacies You Can Take Home!

Pasalubong from Laguna

Looking for the best pasalubong from Laguna? You’re in the right place! In this article, I will give you some of the best-tasting Laguna delicacies you can take home after visiting the province!

Just a quick trivia: Did you know that the word Laguna originated from the Latin word “lacuna” or hole, pool, or pond in English?

Laguna is home to many cheap and relaxing pools and resorts, and the largest lake in the Philippines, the Laguna de Bay (Lagoon of the town of Bay).  But Laguna is also popular for its tasty and unique delicacies! They even have an annual festival celebrating the delicacy kesong puti for its historical relevance to Sta. Cruz, Laguna!

If these are not enough reasons for you to visit Laguna, check out these tasteful delights you can bring home after a colorful day spent in the province of Laguna.

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10 Best Pasalubong From Laguna

#1 Buko Pie

Colette’s Buko Pie at Pasalubong
Photo from @Colette’s Buko Pie at Pasalubong

The debate on which is the best buko pie in town has been going on around in Laguna for some time. From a local’s point of view, Lety’s Buko pie is creamy and sweet. The flaky crust perfectly blends with the sweet filling. Moreover, the flakiness of the crust still holds even after refrigerating.

Meanwhile, if you visit The Originals Buko Pie store, you will notice the long queue. And seeing this, you will be convinced that this is the best buko pie in town. However, for me, The Originals Buko Pie tastes less sweet and creamy than Lety’s, but it is more coco-meaty. If you are looking for this type of meaty buko pie, you’d choose this over the others.

The renowned Colette’s buko pie, on one hand, has a doughy white crust and has a sweet filling. But, it is noticeable that it is less (coconut) meaty, and the sweetness of the custard overpowers the other buko pie layers. Although if you have a sweet tooth, this probably would be your best choice.

So for me, Lety’s Buko Pie wins for its overall balance from crust to its filling. 

Popular stores/Origin Town: Sta.Rosa, San Pablo, Calamba, Los Baños, Laguna 

Price: Php 200-260 per box


Annie's Original Espasol
Photo from @Annie’s Original Espasol

Espasol is very popular in Laguna and is said to have originated from here. It is traditionally sold during the Christmas season, but this tastes good in every afternoon “merienda” too.

Popular stores/Origin Town: Liliw, Nagcarlan, Los Baños, Laguna

Price: 3packs for  Php 100

Bibingka Macapuno

Tio Casio's Bibingka de Macapuno
Photo from @Tio Casio’s Bibingka de Macapuno

It is a ricecake made with macapuno filling (very soft coconut meat) that will satisfy your cravings. Just looking at it makes me salivate because it looks so yummy!

Popular stores/Origin Town: Tio Casio’s Bibingka de Macapuno,Sta.Cruz, Liliw, Laguna

Price: Php 200

Fried Itik (Kinulob na itik)

Briones Kinulob Na Itik
Photo from @Briones Kinulob Na Itik

If you’re a fan of duck products, you will want to taste this “kinulob na itik”, a signature dish from Victoria, Laguna. In essence, it is only a deep-fried duck with special seasonings that becomes addictive to anyone who has tasted it.

Popular stores/Origin Town: Victoria, Cabuyao, Laguna

Price: Php 150-200

Kesong puti

Arlene Macalinao's Kesong Puti
Photo from @Arlene Macalinao’s Kesong Puti

The key difference between the kesong puti and regular cheese is that kesong puti is white, unaged, and has a salty texture. You can make your own kesong puti if you have carabao milk at home. However, the kesong puti in Laguna is unique because carabao milk used here is fresh from the cattle. In fact, the Home of Kesong Puti or Sta. Cruz, Laguna holds an annual festival due to this delicacy’s historical relevance to the town.

Popular stores/Origin Town: Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Price: Php 150 per bundle

Puto Biñan

Aling Nene's Buko Pie and Puto Binan Delicacies
Photo from @Aling Nene’s Buko Pie and Puto Binan Delicacies

Puto is a steamed, ground mixture of regular rice, glutinous rice, and young coconut. What makes the recipe of Puto Biñan special is that it is topped with melted butter, condensed milk, grated cheese, and salted egg. You can never go wrong with those yummy combinations!

Popular stores/Origin Town: Nila’s Puto Biñan, Aling Nene’ Puto Biñan, Biñan, Laguna

Price: Php 80-100


Orencia's Uraro and Food Products
Photo from @Orencia’s Uraro and Food Products

Uraro, araro, or arrowroot cookie. It is made from the flour of the Maranta arrowroot plant. The arrowroot cookie originated from southern Luzon namely, Laguna, Quezon and Marinduque. Its production is somehow tedious because the process starts from flour making until cookies are made. The makers don’t just use any other flour, since the arrowroot flour is what makes it unique from other cookies.

Popular stores/Origin Town: Gonzales Original Uraro, Orencio’s Uraro and Food Products/Liliw, Nagcarlan, Laguna

Price: Php 40-120 (with varying size packs)

Monay Bae

Tenorio’s Bakery - Home of the Original Monay Bae
Photo from @Tenorio’s Bakery – Home of the Original Monay Bae

Next to pandesal, monay is also lined up as one of Filipino’s pastry favorites. The difference between the Monay Bae (pronounced as “Ba-eh”) and regular monay is that the first bite from Monay Bae makes you crave for more. It has a sweet and creamy note on top of the soft texture of this unique bread.

Popular stores/Origin Town: Tenorio’s Bakery/Bay, Laguna

Price: Php 5-10


Arca's Bakery since 1949
Photo from @Arca’s Since 1949 Manufacturing

The broas biscuit may not have originated from Laguna, but its makers in the province have perfected this pastry as a pasalubong favorite. Also called lady finger,broas  is popularly known in other provinces like Quezon, Batangas and Bohol, where it originated. You can never go wrong with this simple, yet tasty broas biscuit.

Popular stores/Origin Town: Arca’s Since 1949 Manufacturing/Luisiana, Laguna

Price: Php 230-350

Mernel’s Cake

Photo from @MerNels

If you are a native Lagueño, Mernel’s cake is the traditional cake to buy for celebrations. It is a chocolate moist cake that is affordable but one of the best I’ve tasted so far. MerNel’s cakes are only available in Laguna, so don’t forget to visit one of their shops on your next Laguna trip!

Popular stores/Origin Town: Mernels’ Cake House/Calamba, Los Baños, Sta.Rosa, Laguna

Price: Php 150-300 (with size variations)

Make your loved ones feel special by bringing home these specialties from Laguna. The stores are accessible and the prices are affordable. You never know but you may come back for more. Laguna may become your next favorite pasalubong town and it is only a two-hour drive from Metro Manila. What are you waiting for?

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