10 Best Cafés in Tarlac To Satisfy Your Caffeine Cravings


Admit it. Coffee is essential to a good, energized, productive day. It is the gateway to a bright morning and pleasant afternoons. Just a whiff of the sweet, dark aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans is enough to keep your day going. This is probably why we are so attracted to cozy cafés. It’s home to great coffee and enhanced productivity.

Coffee shops can be found nearly everywhere; the choices are endless! Here are some tried-and-tested cafés around the city. So, whether you’re a local in need of their coffee fix or just passing by the city, make sure to check out these cafés in Tarlac!

10 Best Cafés in Tarlac City

Café Roma – Goshen Resort

CafeRoma Cafés in Tarlac
Photo from @CafeRoma

If you’re looking for a place with great architecture, fantastic food, and affordable prices, this is the place to go. You’ll surely feel like royalty with their Renaissance-style architecture and food to die for!

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Contact No: 0968 729 8590
Address: Goshen Land, Sitio Gumain, Barangay Lourdes, Bamban, Tarlac

Cafetana PH

Cafetana PH

New Zealand? Switzerland? Think again! Who would’ve thought that this hidden gem is nestled right within the province of Tarlac! If you’re in the mood for a coffee experience paired with a truly mesmerizing view, then make sure to include Cafetana PH on your must-visit list.

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Contact No: +63 938 793 4372
Address: Sitio Baag, San Jose, Tarlac 

Amber’s Coffee Shop

AmberCoffeeShop Cafés in Tarlac
Photo from @AmberCoffeeShop

Horoscope-loving coffee drinkers will surely enjoy this café! It doesn’t matter if you’re a Gemini Sun or a Leo Moon; their drinks are suited for your palate, whatever your placements are! The best thing about this place? Their prices are very affordable!

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Contact No: 0968 217 1649
Address: Caburnay, St. Poblacion, Sur Paniqui, Tarlac

Café Cultura

Photo from @CafeCultura

Why go to overpriced coffee shops when you can get your coffee fix here? Their coffee is not the only good thing about Café Cultura! Featuring a chill, chic, and cozy interior, you’d want to feed your productivity or catch up with your friend in this place.

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Contact No: 0921 332 5757
Address: Bamban, Tarlac

The Woods Wine Bar and Cafe

Photo from @TheWoodsCafe

Who doesn’t love good live music while sipping their wine? Whether it’s an old-fashioned cheeseburger you’re craving for or a charcuterie board with a bottle of red on the side, this is the place to go. Catch weekly live performances only at The Woods Wine Bar and Café!

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Contact No: 0927 898 8132
Address: 2nd Unit Ricafort Bldg, Bypass Road, San Vicente, Tarlac City

Café Negro in Tarlac

Photo from @CafeNegro

Start the day with a cup of strong coffee from this café. Enjoy pastries and freshly brewed coffee from this homey coffee shop right in the heart of the city.

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Contact No: 0968 307 7037
Address: Brgy. Maligaya, Tarlac


Photo from @CoffeeMeet

What did they say about “small but powerful”? This coffee shop may be small, but it offers one of the best and affordable coffee blends in the city! This is the type of place that will surely leave a satisfied smile on your face. 

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Contact No: 0912 436 0658
Address: Brgy. Maliwalo, Tarlac City

Caffè Al Fresco

Photo from @CaffeAlFresco

Iced coffee lovers, unite! This Home Buddies-approved coffee shop is the place to run to for your coffee fix! Caffé Al Fresco offers luscious drinks at an affordable price. As this café likes to say, good coffee doesn’t need to be pricey!

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Contact Email: Caffealfresco21@gmail.com
Address: The Junction, Bypass Road, Fairlane Subdivision, Tarlac City

Kape Tons

Kape-Tons Cafés in Tarlac
Photo from @KapeTons

Looking for the perfect place to hang out with your barkada? This place is exactly what you need! Enjoy good food and good company at Kape Tons! They also offer non-caffeinated drinks for your friends with a slightly different palate.

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Contact No: 0942 355 1451
Address: Purok 2, Canarem ,Victoria Tarlac 

Café Tribu

Cafe-Tribu Cafés in Tarlac
Photo from @CafeTribu

Sometimes, drinks just aren’t enough. If you’re looking to branch out for other food and beverages, Café Tribu is the place to go! This shop is a local favorite, and you’ll be rushing to this place when you find out that they have affordable eat (and drink!)-all-you-can promos for finger food, chicken wings, and milk tea!

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Contact No: 0995 713 4730
Address: PWU Tarlac, Ancheta Street, Brgy Mabini, Tarlac city

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