Best Baguio Souvenir & Pasalubong to Buy

Best Baguio Souvenir and Pasalubong

“Pasalubong ko, ah?” 

If you’ve ever been on a vacation, you’ve probably heard this sentence more times than you can count. We get it, of course, they all want to be a part of our getaway one way or the other, even if it’s just in the form of a pasalubong. In this article, we’ll talk about the best Baguio souvenir you can buy when you visit the City of Pines, whether it’s for your family or yourself!

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Baguio Souvenir#1: Keychains

This one is probably the most basic form of pasalubong you can give. It’s cheap, it’s small, but it’s a way to show that you remembered them during your vacation. Keychains usually come in various designs and you can buy them in bulk for at least Php 10.00 per piece!

Baguio Souvenir#2: Magnets

If there’s one thing common with every traveler, it’s this: their fridges are filled with magnets they bought from their travels. Every traveler has a story and refrigerator magnets help them keep the story alive. These magnets can usually be bought in bulk and come in various designs as well.

Baguio Souvenir#3: T-Shirts

Baguio shirt

What better way to show people that you went to Baguio City than a shirt that says “I ❤️ Baguio City”? These shirts are usually your family’s favorite type of pasabulong because they can be worn and reused time after time! You can buy shirts from any tourist spot in Baguio City, but let me tell you a secret: it’s cheaper in the public market.

Baguio Souvenir#4: Handwoven Souvenirs

Weaving is one of Cordillera’s most known livelihoods. The livelihood has been tightly woven with their culture that every province in Cordillera has their own type of weaving pattern. If you’re interested, you can get small souvenirs–earrings, articles of clothing, bags–made from these materials in Baguio City!

Baguio Souvenir#5: Woodwork

Looking for a good addition to your home? Perhaps a carved souvenir from Baguio City would do the job! You can take your pick whether you want a centerpiece from your table or a wall decor. These woodworks can be bought in shops near Minesview Park and the Maharlika Livelihood Center. …And yes, here’s where you can get the famous barrel man.

Baguio Pasalubong#6: Strawberries and Other Fruits

La Trinidad, which is a jeepney ride away from Baguio City, is famous for its sweet strawberries and its large farms. Take a piece of the province with you when you buy a kilo of fresh strawberries from one of their farms. You can also get other fruits at a much cheaper price in Baguio City!

Baguio Souvenir#7: Vegetables

Baguio in a Baske
Photo from @Baguio in a Basket

Craving for chopsuey? No problem! Many vegetable vendors in the city sell chopsuey sets for a cheaper price than in supermarkets! They’re packed in large plastic bags so you can also bring them home to Manila. You can also support local farmers by buying vegetables in bulk. Just ask the vendors and they’ll lead you to the right people.

Baguio Souvenir#8: Jams

Whether it’s strawberry jam, ube jam, or mango jam you’re looking for, Baguio City has them all! You can get these jams at the Good Shepherd Convent near Minesview Park. If you’re looking for a different brand, you can also get them from the public market for a cheaper price.

Baguio Pasalubong#9: Other Baguio Delicacies

Wherever you’re from, food is the best kind of pasalubong there is. You can buy Baguio delicacies in small packs for only Php 100.00 per 3 tubs. If you’re lucky, you can even score cheaper ones! These delicacies are usually pastillas, chocolate flakes, peanut brittle, etc.

Food from Famous Baguio Restaurants

If you’ve got an extra budget left in your wallet, you can opt to buy food from Baguio City’s most famous restaurants and cafés. Not sure what to buy? You can get a box of strawberry shortcake from Vizco’s, cream puffs from Victoria’s Bakery, buttered chicken from Good Taste Restaurant, or coffee beans from most cafés around town!

Wherever you may be from, going home from a vacation without a pasalubong is a grave sin. Kidding aside, take your pick from one of these Baguio souvenirs and take home a piece of the city with you!

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