Baguio Night Market – A Thrifter’s Guide

Baguio Night Market

Forget the chilly weather, the city lights, Burnham Park, or any other reason you’re in Baguio City. Here’s one experience you should experience every time you visit the city: thrift shopping at Baguio Night Market. In fact, you’ve never really been a tourist in the city if you haven’t been there!

If you haven’t been, Night Market is located along Harrison Rd., near Burnham Park! During the day, Harrison is a quiet and humble road that carries vehicles traveling in the central district of the city. By night, it transforms into a long, bustling street of ukay-ukay and food stalls. Shop owners usually set up their stalls at 8 PM until 3 AM, which gives you plenty of time to do some shopping and eating on the side!

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What can you buy at Baguio Night Market?

If you’re a little hesitant and too tired to go to different places in the city to thrift shop, Night Market is the place to be. It’s where small-time thrift shop owners and food business owners set up stalls to sell their products. Baguio City’s Night Market has two areas: one for the ukay-ukay shops, and one for the food stalls, located at both ends of the road.

Ukay-ukay Stalls

Baguio Night Market

 Going out on the weekend? Impress your friends (or date) with a new outfit that you bought from Night Market! You can usually find jackets, shirts, and dresses being sold there, but if you’re lucky, you can also find pants, shoes, and accessories in one of the stalls too.

Prices range from Php 30.00 to Php 80.00 per piece, but on the weekdays, prices can go as low as Php 10.00 apiece. We once scored a branded jacket for only Php 10.00! And yes, it’s in great condition.

What’s even better is that the prices at Night Market are lower than other ukay-ukay shops in the city. You just need a little patience and we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your budget and style.

Street Food and Food stalls

Apart from ukay-ukay stalls, you can also find food stalls set up at the end of Harrison Rd., which makes it feel like you deserve a reward after shopping! Here’s what you can usually find in the food stalls at Night Market:

Shawarma Stalls

Food here is usually priced at Php 45.00 to Php 70.00.

Filipino Street Foods

Filipino street food - Baguio Night Market

If you’re just looking for something to munch on while walking, you’ve got to try the street food stalls in Night Market! You can find slices of green mango drenched in spicy vinegar, chicken skin, binatog, or your classic tuhog-tuhog favorites! Pair it up with a glass of gulaman or agar-agar, and you’re good to go!

Korean Street Food Stalls

Here is where you can find popular Korean foods like Tteokbokki, Mandu, and Odeng! Prices start at Php 10.00 per stick.

Filipino Lutong Bahay

Bulalo Unsplash

If you’re feeling a little famished, you can look for the stalls that sell rice meals for less than Php 50.00! The food usually varies per night, but there will always be a stall selling sisig, dinakdakan, and pigar-pigar (a viand made from deep fried beef and liver, served with onions). You can also sometimes find a stall that sells mami, pares, and even bulalo!

The only catch to these food stalls are the lack of seats. So, if you really want to devour your food, you can head to Igorot Park or Burnham for a night picnic. Just make sure to dispose of your trash in the proper area!

How to get to Baguio Night Market?

If you’re around town, which is another word for Baguio’s central district, you can walk to Harrison Rd. It’s the road in between Session Rd. and Burnham Park, so if you know these places, it’s impossible to get lost!

Almost all jeepneys in Baguio head to Burnham Park or the public market. You can ask the driver if they’re taking a route near these locations. You can also ask them to alert you when you’re near the area.

You can also take a taxi from your accommodation to Night Market. Fare usually starts at Php 35.00.

Fair warning for those who want to visit Night Market, though. There are not many parking spaces near the area, so it’s encouraged to take public transportation to go to Baguio Night Market.

On the other hand, public transportation at night can be a little bit of a hassle. Some jeepney drivers only offer their service up until 9 PM, and the demand for taxis spike up after this hour.

Other Thrift Shops in Baguio

If Baguio Night Market’s schedule is a little too late for you, you can always head to these ukay-ukay hotspots in the city center!


It is found on the corner of Session Rd. and F. Calderon St. It’s got three whole floors of cheap, great ukay-ukay finds! Most items cost from 20 to 60 pesos, but can be priced higher if it’s branded and in better condition.


Hilltop is the place to go if you’re looking for footwear.

White sneakers? They have it.

High heels? They’ve got it too!

Thigh-high boots? I’m pretty sure you know the answer now. In fact, you can score a pair of boots for as low as Php 100.00!

To get there, you have to alight at the public market and head to Hilltop St. These ukay-ukay shops are located in an alley, so if you feel lost, you can always ask for directions from a local!

Malcolm Square

The Malcolm Square is located in front of Baguio City’s public market. Near the square is a commercial building filled with ukay-ukay stores that’s got everything you need, from jackets, to handbags, to shoes.

Prices here are generally more expensive, ranging up to 600 pesos, but here is where the branded gems are usually found. Just make sure to have enough time on your hands because sifting through mountains of clothes can get time consuming.

Old establishments along Session Rd. If you turn to the right corner in Session Rd., you might stumble upon a hidden ukay-ukay store (top secret location: somewhere along F. Calderon St. and Diego Silang St.).

People don’t usually go here, but here is where you find the best purchases if you want to go all out on your next night-out with the barkada! For some reason, here is where most Baguio folk go when they look for something bright, extra, and colorful!

Tips, Tricks, and Reminders for Shopping at Baguio Night Market!

Bring cash.

While ATM machines can be found near Harrison Rd., it’s still better to already have cash on you before you even go through the maze called Night Market! For one, it’s less of a hassle, and two, you won’t be tempted to withdraw money from the ATM so you can go splurging at the stalls.

Bring an eco bag.

Whether you like it or not, you might be going home with a minimum of four bags of clothing when you shop at Night Market. Save yourself from having to carry different bags by bringing an eco bag! On top of that, you also contribute less waste to the city.

Don’t bring your valuables with you.

Baguio Night Market can get very crowded, especially on the weekends. In fact, before the pandemic, people used to bump shoulders when walking by Night Market. Social distancing is now implemented, but you can’t be too safe. It’s not like you’ll need your valuables with you anyway!

Prices are lower on the weekdays and when it’s raining.

Weekdays are usually slow, and rain keeps people inside their homes, so vendors usually low ball their items to encourage shoppers to buy from them. Take advantage of this! When you notice the difference between the prices, you’ll never shop on a Saturday night again.

Know what you are looking for before going to Night Market.

Are you looking for a dress? Jackets? Pants? Knowing what you want to buy makes it easier to find and ​keeps you in your budget. This is not a requirement, per se, so if you’re visiting Night Market with no outfit in mind, that’s incredibly fine too!

Don’t Bring Kids

If you’re traveling with kids, it’s better to leave them in your lodgings. Baguio Night Market is not suitable for kids. For one, they open way past your kids’ bedtime, and if they don’t sleep early, there’s not much for them to see anyway. Not to mention that Harrison Rd. is quite a long walk for their little feet to be comfortable with.

Bring an umbrella and wear appropriate clothes. Baguio weather is as unpredictable as your strict boss’ mood. Make sure to equip yourself with an umbrella and wear clothes appropriate for the cold weather! You don’t want to freeze yourself senseless while trying to shop at Night Market!

In summary…

Whether you’re an ukay-ukay shopper or a street food enthusiast, the Baguio Night Market is something you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines! Just make sure to read through this guide again before you go and don’t forget to bring an extra pack of patience to get you through your shopping endeavors! Who knows? You might even find your next favorite outfit hidden in one of those random stalls.

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