Baguio Delicacies – 20 Most-Loved Baguio Pasalubong & Delicacies

Baguio Delicacies and Pasalubong

You can’t call yourself a traveler if you haven’t tried Baguio Delicacies at least once in your life!

It’s called the Summer Capital of the Philippines for a reason–it has got the perfect weather, awe-striking culture, breathtaking landscape views, and the best pasalubong and delicacies. To make it short, it’s the ideal hideaway from the sweat and stress you can get from Manila. Here, we’ll tackle some of the must-try delicacies and Baguio products! (Spoiler Alert: Baguio is not only known for strawberries!)

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#1 Baguio Delicacies: Bulalo

Bulalo - Tagpuan sa Baguio | Baguio Products
Photo from @Tagpuan sa Baguio

There’s no better way to fight the cold than a bowl of bulalo from Baguio! Fair warning though, Bulalo places in the city are always packed, even at 3 AM!

#2 Baguio Delicacies: Longaniza

Longaniza - Baguio Premium Longganisa
Photo from @Baguio Premium Longganisa

If you go to the public market, you might notice that there are multiple stalls selling longganisa. Don’t miss out; they’re best-selling for a reason.

#3 Baguio Delicacies: Blood Sausage

Blood Sausage - YAGAM Coffee | Delicacies in Baguio
Photo from @YAGAM Coffee

Pinuneg is one of Cordillera’s traditional dishes. It’s made from pork blood, which is then made into sausages then grilled. Don’t give me that face! Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

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#4 Baguio Pasalubong: Ube Jam

Baguio Good Shepherd Ube Jam | Baguio Products
Photo from @Baguio Good Shepherd Ube Jam

Ask around about the best places to buy ube jam, and they’ll all answer Baguio City. This is because some of the founders of the delicacy reside in the city! These jams are made from ube, milk, and butter, making it the perfect pair for your morning pandesal!


#5 Baguio Delicacies: Hot Chocolate

Hot Choco

Energize your mornings with a cup of hot chocolate while staring at the panoramic landscape view of the mountains. What’s even better is that hot chocolate is known to have powerful benefits for your body, so drinking a cup of cocoa is not just for indulgence!


#6 Baguio Pasalubong: Lengua de Gato

Rico's Lengua De Gato

Never leave the city without a jar of lengua de gato for your family back home. These sweet, thin cookies are mostly made from butter and milk, and if baked perfectly, melt right on your tongue.


#7 Baguio Pasalubong: Coffee & Coffee Beans

Coffee & Coffee Beans

As Baguio is one of the most visited cities in the North, it is the drop-off place of other delicacies in the region, which includes coffee. PRO TIP: “cook” your coffee ground with boiling water and brown sugar; the locals swear by it!


#8 Baguio Pasalubong:Choco Flakes

Choco Flakes - Mika'san Sweetshop
Photo from @Mika’san Sweetshop

These choco flakes are one of the most sought out pasalubongs from the city and for good reason–they’re sweet and scream out “indulgence” at every bite! Even the pickiest of kids love it!


#9 Baguio Pasalubong: Peanut Brittle

Baguio Delicacies Peanut Brittle

If you need something to give to your friends but you’re a little tight on your budget, you can never go wrong with this delicacy! This peanut-based confectionary is sweet, crunchy, and just all-around tasty.


#10 Baguio Delicacies: Sundot Kulangot

Sundot Kulangot - Daniel Go
Photo from @Daniel Go

Don’t snicker at the name just yet! Sundot kulangot is a traditional delicacy made from glutinous rice, brown sugar, and coconut milk–in short, calamay!

#11 Baguio Pasalubong: Honey

Honey from Baguio City

Make your sweets and beverages healthier by opting to put honey instead of sugar. These jars of honey are pure and non-processed, so you’ll surely get the value of your money!


#12 Baguio Pasalubong: Wine

Baguio Fruit Wines & Strawberries
Photo from @Baguio Fruit Wines & Strawberries

Why go for the traditional red when you can go for strawberry wine instead? It’s got a light, sweet taste and an aroma so distinct, it’ll leave you asking for more.  


#13 Baguio Delicacies: Craft Beer

Baguio Craft Brewery
Photo from @Baguio Craft Brewery

If you ever find yourself in the city, you’ve got to try Baguio’s crafted beers! Some breweries may serve up to 70+ different crafted beers! And they’ve got the best food to pair with your drinks too!

#14 Baguio Delicacies: Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs - Victoria Bakery
Photo from @Victoria Bakery

If there’s one delicacy most people overlook when they’re in the city, it’s cream puffs. These pastries are filled with either custard-flavored cream, matcha, or chocolate. Your choice!

#15 Baguio Delicacies: Strawberries

Strawberries Freepik

Did you know that it’s not Baguio that produces strawberries, but La Trinidad, Benguet? It’s a municipality right next to the city, and it has wide strawberry fields where you can pick those red fruits yourself!

#16 Baguio Delicacies: Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake - Vizco's Restaurant and Cake Shop
Photo from @Vizco’s Restaurant and Cake Shop

Make your special day even more special with this strawberry shortcake, only found in Baguio! The cake is made from a strawberry-flavored base, filled with vanilla buttercream and finally, topped with even more strawberries.

#17 Baguio Delicacies: Strawberry Taho

Strawberry Taho - Old Baguio Cafe - V. Luna Branch
Photo from @Old Baguio Cafe

It’s undeniable that the city loves everything strawberry. So much so, that they even put strawberry syrup in their taho.

#18 Baguio Delicacies: Strawberry Champorado

Strawberry Champorado - Le Monet Hotel
Photo from @Le Monet Hotel

Chocolate champorado is out, strawberries are in. This pink-colored breakfast dish is the perfect way to start your morning!

#19 Baguio Pasalubong: Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam - Baguio

The best thing about strawberry-based delicacies from the north is that you’re ensured that all ingredients are freshly picked and chemical-free. These strawberry jams are loved both by tourists and local folk for their sweet and tangy flavors.


#20 Baguio Pasalubong:Cheese Bars

Cheese Bars - O'Baguio
Photo from @O’ Baguio

These mildly sweet cheese bars are the best pasalubong for your loved ones! They’re soft, moist, chewy, and very, very cheesy.


Let your friends and family know that you’re still thinking of them (even when you’re on vacation) with these Baguio products and delicacies! Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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