B Farm Cafe by Alexa’s Kitchen

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen in Candaba Pampanga - Al Fresco Restaurant

In the midst of these challenging times, hidden gems often emerge, and one such treasure that caught my attention is the B Farm Cafe by Alexa’s Kitchen. This restaurant, which gained popularity during the pandemic, has become a local favorite, thanks to its charming AlFresco setting.

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen Entrance

As you step into the cafe, you are instantly welcomed by adorable signboards and plant ornaments that set the tone for a relaxing dining experience.

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen

The main restaurant is spacious, providing a comfortable atmosphere for visitors. However, if you’re in the mood for a more private setting, the cafe also offers traditional Filipino kubo and nipa huts.

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen Huts

For a truly unique experience, consider renting one of their floating kubos. Positioned by the river, these floating huts offer a serene view, creating the perfect backdrop for a leisurely meal.

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen Menu

B Farm Cafe boasts an extensive menu that caters to various tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for an all-day breakfast, traditional Filipino dishes, or perfectly grilled foods, they have you covered. The drink selection includes refreshing options like calamansi juice, while dessert enthusiasts will find joy in their sweet treats.

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen Porkchop

During my visit, I couldn’t resist trying their breaded chicken fillet, fried chicken, and calamares.

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen Chicken Wings

While the breaded and fried chicken were culinary triumphs, the calamares, despite their visual appeal and well-seasoned profile, were overcooked, resulting in an unexpected chewiness.

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen Calamares

However, the highlight of our culinary journey was, without a doubt, their freshly cooked donuts.

B Farm Cafe by Alexa's Kitchen Donuts

These delightful pastries surpassed their mall counterparts, leaving a lasting impression on our taste buds.

B Farm Cafe by Alexas Kitchen 2

One piece of advice for potential visitors: opt for an afternoon visit to enjoy the cafe to its fullest while avoiding the midday heat. The laid-back ambiance, coupled with the riverside setting, creates an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

B Farm Cafe Details

Social Media: Facebook
Address: 2525 bs aquino ave pulong plazan, Candaba, Pampanga
Contact No: 0977 653 4909

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