Northern Blossom Flower Farm + Atok, Benguet Tourist Spots

Northern Blossom Flower Farm is finally open! Check out this guide to learn more about it and where else you can go when you visit Atok, Benguet!

Just 47kms north of the City of Baguio is the municipality of Atok. This small town in Benguet is known for its flower farms and breathtaking scenery. Established in 1900, Atok, Benguet now houses over 19,000 residents; and despite its small population, it’s a destination for Benguet folk and tourists alike. 

For such a small town, you wouldn’t think that Atok, Benguet has different tourist attractions that will keep you occupied for an entire day! They’ve got flower farms, hiking spots, and historical landmarks that you wouldn’t want to miss! Atok is also known for being one of the coldest places in the Philippines, the temperature having dropped to 0°C for several days in 2017. 

Northern Blossoms Flower Farm

If you’ve heard about the small town of Atok before, it would probably be because of the Northern Blossoms, a flower farm that allows guests to wander around and appreciate the bright and colorful flowers planted in the area. The farm opens at 6 AM and closes at 4:30 PM, giving tourists enough time to tour the vicinity. Apart from wandering around here’s other things you can do in Northern Blossoms Flower Farm: 

Take pretty photos.

Northern Blossom Flower Farm
Photo from @Northern Blossom Flower Farm

Pair colorful flowers with the golden sunset, and you’ll have yourself a revamped Instagram feed! Stand in between the field of flowers, and you’ll have taken the perfect display photo for your social media accounts. Not only is this flower farm Instagram-friendly, it also radiates a romantic vibe, making it a spot for solo (or couple) photoshoots. In fact, a lot of marriage proposals happened in this place! (Boys, take note!) 

Catch the sunrise

Northern Blossoms Flower Farm
Photo from @Northern Blossoms Flower Farm

Waking up before 5 AM in the coldest place in the Philippines is not exactly a great feeling. We promise that if you do catch the sunrise in the farm, which also overlooks other mountains in Cordillera, you won’t regret getting out of bed! The farm usually opens at 6 AM, just a few minutes before the sun makes its ingress for the day. 

Enjoy a hot cup of joe

Haight's Place
Photo from @Haight’s Place

Nothing beats the cold, chilly weather better than a cup… or two of coffee. At the end of every tour in the farm, every guest is entitled to snacks and unlimited coffee! 

Stay the night


If you haven’t had enough time to tour around town, you’ll always have a place in the Northern Blossoms Flower Farm to turn in for the night! They have several transient rooms for rent (which is great, as accommodations in Atok, Benguet are scarce), just make sure to place a reservation beforehand if you plan on staying overnight. 

Not all plants are at bloom all year long, so make sure to visit the farm when they’re in season. According to the locals, the best time to visit is around February to April. Do take note as well that they are closed every Monday. 

Northern Blossoms Flower Farm Entrance Fees

  • Regular Adult: Php 250.00
  • Senior/PWD: Php 200.00
  • Kids, ages 6-12: Php 50.00
  • Kids below 5: FREE

Other Atok, Benguet Tourist Spots

When you’ve taken the perfect photo and have sipped enough coffee to get your energy spiking, you can visit other places in Atok, Benguet!

Halsema Highway

Halsema Highway Unsplash

This road is considered as the highest point in the Philippine highway system, standing at 7400 ft. above sea level. Once you drive past the Halsema Highway signage, you’ll soon pass by a view deck where you can witness either a sea of clouds, or a sea of mountain ranges in the Cordillera. Whichever you get, it’s sure to leave you in awe.

Natumpukan Half Tunnel

If you’re visiting town or just driving past Atok, there is a very large chance that you’ll pass by the Natumpukan Half Tunnel. This man-made historical landmark was built in the 1950s, after erosion blocked the road. With no other alternative routes, residents carved out almost 50m from a giant rock. This giant rock is still what makes up the half tunnel. We assure you that it’s safe, though!

Haight’s Place

Haight's Place
Photo from @Haight’s Place

There’s no need to go to Japan to experience cherry blossoms in bloom! Despite not being native to the Philippines, Sakura trees were able to grow in Atok, Benguet due to its relatively low temperature. There are other flower fields in the farm, but if you really want to see the Sakura trees in bloom, the best time to visit would be in April. 

Mt. Timbak

Pexel image Mountain

If you’re in the mood to go on a hike, Mt. Timbak is the place to go. The trail is beginner-friendly and the summit is reachable after a 2-3 hour hike. Just like the flower farms in this town, the best time to go on a hike would be from February to April. 

You can always make your own itinerary for when you visit Atok, but if you’re a little clueless how to get from one place to another, the municipality offers 2 circuit tours around town. These tours are good for 5 people, and are inclusive of a tour guide and a car with driver.

Circuit Tour Package 1 (priced at Php 1,200.00) includes a visit to:

  1. Halsema Highway
  2. Sakura Park 
  3. Lourdes Grotto 

Circuit Tour Package 2 (priced at Php 1,500.00) includes a visit to: 

  1. Mt. Timbak (15-30 minute hike) 
  2. Sakura Park
  3. Halsema Highway 
  4. Lourdes Grotto

How to get to Atok, Benguet (from Baguio City)

For private vehicles…

  1. Type in Saint Paul’s Academy in Sayangan, Atok. This school is near the Northern Blossoms Flower Farm. It’s also important to input this exact location, as doing otherwise will take you to the other side of Atok. 

For those who will take public transportation…

  1. Head to Dangwa terminal in Baguio City (located at Magsaysay Ave.) 
  2. Ask around if their bus will pass by Halsema Highway (these buses are usually headed to Sagada or Bontoc) 
  3. Ask the driver if they can drop you off at Atok’s Municipal Hall 

BUS FARE: Php 85.00 to Php 120.00

TRAVEL TIME: 2-3 hours from Baguio City

Other Flower Farms in Benguet

Did you know that Benguet is not only known for strawberries? It’s also home to the Rose Capital of the Philippines–La Trinidad, Benguet. In fact, the province is one of the largest suppliers of flowers in the country. Yes! The Dangwa Flower Market in Manila is coined after In Baguio, which transports cut flowers from Northern Luzon to Manila. 

If you’ve got extra time on your hands, you can also visit other flower farms located in Benguet: 

Bahong Sunflower Farm.

Bahong Sunflower Farm
Photo from @Bahong Sunflower Farm

Brgy. Bahong may be the rose capital of the Philippines, but its flora does not end with the red, thorny flowers. This flower farm has over 8,000 sunflower stalks and other flowering plants. Entrance fee is priced at Php 150.00, inclusive of complimentary coffee and pastries.  

20000 Country Roses.

20,000 Country Roses
Photo from @20,000 Country Roses

True to its name, the farm is home to a field of red roses, summing up to 20,000 stalks of flowers. This farm, which opened in 2020, is located in Brgy. Alapang, La Trinidad. They only charge each guest an entrance fee of Php 60.00! 

Travel Tips and Tricks


Wear something comfortable

If you think you can finally handle Baguio City’s cold weather, you better think twice before you head to Atok! As the town’s temperature is lower than any place in Benguet, it’s encouraged to add more layers to your clothing.

Clean as you go!

This one goes without saying! Since you’re visiting areas that have a lot to do with nature and the environment, it’s vital that you follow proper trash disposal and other guidelines the tourist spots may impose.

Get ready for sharp curves and turns in the road

If you’re a little queasy when traveling, it would be best if you come prepared with a bottle of water and medications that will help you tame your motion sickness.

Bring cash, as there are little to no ATMs around town

As we’ve mentioned before, Atok is a small town, and you’d be lucky if you find an ATM machine in the vicinity. Before driving up to Atok, take note of the environmental and entrance feed you’d have to pay in your destinations. That way, you’ll have an idea how much cash you’ll have to bring with you.

Check-in with other events in Baguio

It’s not at all coincidental that the best time to visit the flower farms in Benguet is February, just in time for the celebration of Baguio City’s Panagbenga Festival! You can check the city’s Public Information Office for city-wide events like concerts, grand parades, or the famous Session in Bloom.

In summary…

Small towns don’t always have to be modest and unassuming. In fact, the town of Atok in Benguet has a great array of places to visit, including the very famous Northern Blossom Flower Farm. You can also go on a hike or just chill back and enjoy the awe-striking sea of mountains from the side of the road. 

Whether you’re a plantita or not, this town is worth taking an extra day of vacation for! 

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