10 Best Restaurants for Al Fresco Dining in Pampanga

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Al fresco or outdoor dining is a form of dining that dates back to the medieval times.  It has been part of the European traditions and was later adapted by the Americans. The term al fresco means “in the cool air,” and it’s commonly associated with picnics.

Al fresco dining, is usually popular during the summer months when it’s too hot to dine inside. Because Philippines is a tropical country, you can see a lot of restaurants and café offering outdoor dining even before the pandemic.

There are a lot of benefits to dining outside. Aside from the fact that it helps you dine safer during this pandemic, outdoor dining lets you enjoy the fresh air and get a boost of Vitamin D. In addition to that, according to one Harvard study, spending time outdoors while eating and laughing with friends helps relieve a lot of one’s anxiety and stress. It can also better improve your concentration and help you heal and recover faster.

So now that you’ve seen the reasons to dine al fresco, here are the top 10 restaurants in Pampanga that offer the best al fresco dining experience.

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Gintung Pakpak EcoPark

If you want to experience nature, Gintung Pakpak is an excellent option. Aside from outdoor dining, they also have other outdoor amenities like a pool, hiking & camping spots, and traditional nipa hut accommodations. They offer a breakfast menu and cold shakes and drinks. You can also enjoy their music every afternoon.

Gintung Pakpak Al Fresco Dining
Photo from @Gintung Pakpak

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Contact No: 0921 889 2626

Abe’s Farm

Do you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, come and visit Abe’s Farm. They offer culinary delights of the gourmet province of Pampanga. Also, museum and spa treatments are available inside that you and your family would surely love.

Abes Farm Food 1
Photo from @Abe’s Farm

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Contact No: 0917 320 9206 | 0917 808 5187

Apag Marangle

If you’re looking for some authentic Kapampangan dishes, Apag Marangle should be on top of your list. Apag Marangles in Tagalog means ‘Hain sa Bukid’ and if you love exotic cuisine like farm frogs and mudfish, they will not disappoint you!

Apag Marangle Food 1
Photo from @Apag Marangle

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Contact No: 0922 888 0568

Rosemary and Thyme Restaurant

Who would not want healthy and fresh food when it comes to dining outside, right? So you might want to add Rosemary and Thyme Restaurant to your bucket list. No need to worry about anything; they make sure they daily picked their ingredients from their farm. Savor your nutritious dish with your family now!

Rosemary and Thyme Food 1
Photo from @Rosemary and Thyme

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Contact No: 0947 100 9848

Amanti Resto

Dine in and catch up with your friends at the cozy and homey Amanti Restaurant. You would definitely not want to miss their Italian and Mediterranean dishes. You could also book your private and intimate events with them.

Amanti Resto Food 1
Photo from @Amanti Resto

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Contact No: 0917 528 6998

Inihaw & Co.

Never miss the opportunity to experience roadside grill dine-ins. Visit Inihaw & Co. for more affordable grilled steak, liempo, sausage, and many more!

Inihaw & Co. Food 1
Photo from @Inihaw & Co.

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Eat & Drink Hub Arayat

What’s more refreshing than enjoying your breakfast meal with the unobstructed view of the majestic Mt. Arayat. Cyclists and motor riders stop over here to enjoy the food, take pictures, and appreciate the natural beauty of Mt. Arayat.

Eat Drink Hub Arayat Food 1
Photo from @Eat & Drink Hub Arayat

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Contact No: 0936 236 9905

Jun Jun’s Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant

A weekend getaway for your whole family would be perfect for spending in Jun Jun’s Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant. They offer a menu with a wider range of savory and succulent dishes to taste and explore. You might want the kids to experience classic Filipino tradition, wherein families gather around a table enjoying and celebrating simple joy in life while having a good meal.

Jun Jun's Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant Food 1
Photo from @Jun Jun’s Restaurant

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Contact No:
(045) 625-6556 | (045) 961-3415

Mangan Tamu Food Park

Having a hard time choosing where to eat with your loved ones? Why not set up your date here in Mangan Tamu Food Park. There are a lot of choices, not only Kapampangan dishes but also international cuisines like ramen and SamG. Every week, various activities and events occur in this food park where family and friends can appreciate each other’s company in an al fresco dining setting.

Mangan Tamu Food 1
Photo from @Mangan Tamu Food Park

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Camalig Restaurant

Are you looking for a place that has a rustic vibe? Then, you’re looking for Camalig Restaurant a traditional Filipino house converted into a resto. They feature pizza, sandwiches, and other Italian food as well as special Filipino drinks. So stop by here now for their fascinating ambiance that is truly worth visiting.

Camalig Restaurant Food 1
Photo from @Camalig Restaurant

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Contact No: (045) 888 1077

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