Best Restaurants for Al Fresco Dining in Pampanga

10 Best Restaurants for Al Fresco Dining in Pampanga

Al fresco or outdoor dining is a form of dining that dates back to the medieval times.  It has been part of the European traditions and was later adapted by the Americans. The term al fresco means “in the cool air,” and it’s commonly associated with picnics.

Al fresco dining, is usually popular during the summer months when it’s too hot to dine inside. Because Philippines is a tropical country, you can see a lot of restaurants and café offering outdoor dining even before the pandemic.

There are a lot of benefits to dining outside. Aside from the fact that it helps you dine safer during this pandemic, outdoor dining lets you enjoy the fresh air and get a boost of Vitamin D. In addition to that, according to one Harvard study, spending time outdoors while eating and laughing with friends helps relieve a lot of one’s anxiety and stress. It can also better improve your concentration and help you heal and recover faster.

So now that you’ve seen the reasons to dine al fresco, here are the top 10 restaurants in Pampanga that offer the best al fresco dining experience.

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New Gintung Pakpak EcoPark

Gintung Pakpak Ecopark Dining
Photo from @NewGintungPakpak

If you’re seeking a nature-filled getaway, Gintung Pakpak is an excellent choice. In addition to their inviting outdoor dining, they offer various outdoor amenities, including a pool, hiking and camping spots, and charming traditional nipa hut accommodations. Alongside their al fresco restaurant, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Mountain Top Cafe, where you can relish a cup of coffee while enjoying a scenic view.

Social Media: Facebook Page
Contact No: 0921 889 2626
Address: Purok 6 Baliti Arayat Pampanga

Apag Marangle

Apag Marangle

If you’re in search of authentic Kapampangan dishes, Apag Marangle should be at the forefront of your culinary exploration. The name translates to ‘Hain sa Bukid’ in Tagalog, and for enthusiasts of exotic cuisine such as farm frogs and mudfish, this dining destination is sure to exceed your expectations!

Social Media: Facebook Page
Contact No: 0922 888 0568
Address: JASA, San Juan Nepomuceno – Dalan Betis, Guagua, Pampanga

PIÑA Dining & Coffee

PIÑA Dining & Coffee
Photo from @PIÑADining&Coffee

Introducing one of Angeles City’s latest al fresco dining gems, PIÑA Dining & Coffee. Delight in a diverse menu featuring Asian culinary delights and inventive takes on Filipino classics. Embracing its name, which means pineapple, PIÑA showcases their creativity with best-selling dishes that either incorporate pineapples or are elegantly presented in a pineapple shell.

Social Media: Facebook Page
Contact No:
0962 071 6998
Address: Purok 2, Bliss, Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga

Rural Bar & Cafe

Rural Bar & Cafe Al Fresco Dining
Photo from @RuralBar&Cafe

Nestled by the lake, Rural Bar and Cafe provides a cozy atmosphere and stunning views, making it an ideal choice for romantic dining or proposals. In addition to their offerings of coffee, liquor, and delectable meals, immerse yourself in a unique experience with their sip and paint activity, adding an artistic touch to your visit.

Social Media: Facebook
Contact No: 0917 528 6998
Address: Sta. Ines, Guagua, Pampanga

Roadside 9

Roadside 9
Photo from @Roadside9

Open for both lunch and dinner, Roadside 9 stands out as an excellent al fresco dining choice. Specializing in Japanese dishes and conveniently situated by the highway, it offers a swift and delightful option for your dining experience.

Social Media: Facebook
Contact No.: 0946 433 6417
Address: 08 Angeles – Porac – Floridablanca – Dinalupihan Rd, Porac, Pampanga


Jun Jun’s Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant

Jun Jun's Restaurant

If you’re a fan of grilled foods and traditional Filipino dishes, head over to Jun Jun’s Bibingka and Barbeque Restaurant. Grilled foods are best savored outdoors—pair them with their famous bibingka and lomi for a delightful culinary experience.

Social Media: Facebook Page
Contact No:
(045) 625-6556 | (045) 961-3415
Address: Angeles & San Fernando, Pampanga

Mangan Tamu Food Park

Pampanga is the Culinary Capital

Nestled within the CDC Parade grounds, Mangan Tamu food park provides a plethora of dining options for al fresco diners. Relish your meal with a scenic view of the park, or enhance the experience by bringing a picnic mat for a touch of outdoor perfection.

Address: CDC Parade Grounds, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a family outing, or a casual gathering with friends, Pampanga’s al fresco dining spots promise memorable moments and delightful flavors. Cheers to open-air dining and the rich gastronomic tapestry of Pampanga!

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